New Turf at MetLife Stadium Gets the Green Light from the NFL After Inspection

New Turf at MetLife Stadium Gets the Green Light from the NFL After Inspection

NFL Week 2 was spectacular as the games continue as a scheduled week after week amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We are glad that there haven’t been any resurging cases of the COVID-19 in the NFL league among the 32 teams that could potentially disrupt the 2020 season.

The credit goes to the NFL thanks to the contingency plans, which have proven to be effective up to date to curb the coronavirus’s spread.

Recently the NFL fined five head coaches $100,000 each and their club $250,000, respectively, due to violation of face-covering during game time. It shows that they aren’t taking any chances of relaxing on their safety protocols any time soon, and everyone better adhere to the rules and regulations unless they want to be punished by the NFL.

On Sunday, during the NFL Week 2 game between the San Francisco 49ers Vs. New York Jets brought about controversial headlines after 5 49ers significant players were called-off out of the field with lower leg injuries. They include;

  • Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo with an ankle sprain
  • Right-back Tevin Coleman with a knee injury and he is now on IR
  • Right-back Raheem Mostert with a Medial Collateral Ligament (MCL) injury
  • Defensive End Solomon Thomas with a torn ACL and out for the season
  • Defensive End Nick Bosa also with a torn ACL and out for the season

Despite the 49ers thrashing the New York Jets 31-13, the turf’s issue was the main focus of the day due to the injuries, and 49ers Defensive tackle Arik Armstead didn’t shy-off from highlight that the MetLife turf was trash. But San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan didn’t blame the turf though hinted it might have been an issue.

The Giants and the Jets disagreed with the 49ers, especially that the turf’s installation at the MetLife Stadium was certified by an independent inspector this offseason. The first game played on it came in Week 1 between the New York Giants vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Moreover, the San Francisco 49ers are the only team complaining about the turf at the MetLife Stadium, which has hosted 3 clubs, and none has complained of the turf.

On Wednesday, the turf at MetLife Stadium was approved by the NFL after meeting all the applicable standards and protocols for its field surfaces was inspected by representatives from the NFL, NFLPA, MetLife Stadium, the Giants, the Jets, Field Turf, and the independent field inspector.

The New York Giants will host the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL Week 3, and the 49ers need to concentrate on the match, not the turf, as they play in the MetLife Stadium again in a row.

Whether they like it or not, the 49ers will surely take on the Giants this Sunday at MetLife Stadium despite their turf concerns last week when the Jets hosted them.

Remember to wear a mask, keep a distance, sanitize your hands whenever you go out, and enjoy seeing the NFL Week 3.

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