Trump not committed to peaceful transfer of power

Trump not committed to peaceful transfer of power

US President Donald Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the coming November’s elections. During a press conference at the White House, the president said they had to see what would happen.

President Trump also said he believes the result of the upcoming election will go to the Supreme Court. The U.S. president has questioned the postal voting system, which is hugely fevered at such time when both the country and the world are still battling the highly contagious virus that broke out in China late last year and killed over 982,030 people worldwide after infecting other 32,102,702 people.

The US has yet to announce victory or record sign of COVID-19 easing after 7,139,553 cases with 206,593 deaths across the country. It is the fact that many states have endorsed the mail-in voting system and have indicated that it is safe for Americans in the face of the current pandemic.

However, it is a system that Trump has repeatedly stated that it allows for election fraud and makes room for foreign intervention.

The latest national opinion polls have shown Trump trailing the main challenger of his re-election, Mr. Biden with 41 days remaining. And when the president was asked if he would peacefully transfer power if he lost the upcoming election, he refused to commit.

Mr. Trump, who is seeking re-election on the Republican ticket, said he complained very badly about the ballot, which are a disaster.

When the journalist countered by saying people will riot, Mr. Trump intervened by saying that the ballot should be done away with and that there would be no transfer of power but its continuation. This implied that if all is well, Trump will retain his power and peace will reign.

This is not the first time Trump has not committed to peaceful acceptance when he loses. In 2016, when he was going for his first election, Trump also refused to commit to the election results when he ran against Hillary Clinton something that the democratic candidate described it as an attack on democracy. The president was eventually declared the winner even after losing the referendum by 3 million, as a result, he is still questioning.

The senators didn’t take the time to react. Mitt Romney, a Republican senator who is rare in his party because he criticized the president, the party leader, on Twitter in most cases, said on the principle of democracy it should be a peaceful change of power, otherwise, the country will see what’s in Belarus.

He added that any suggestion that Mr. President would disregard the constitutional guarantee would be both unacceptable and unthinkable.

Mr. Biden has also responded when speaking to reporters in Delaware, where he said Mr. Trump’s comments on the change in power are irrational. His activist said it was prepared for all of the president’s shenanigans.

The Democratic team also said the United States government was perfectly positioned to escort intruders from the White House.

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