NFL Fines 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan, Seahawks’ Pete Carroll, Broncos’ Vic Fangio $100K Each for Not Wearing Mask

NFL Fines 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan, Seahawks’ Pete Carroll, Broncos’ Vic Fangio $100K Each for Not Wearing Mask

In mid-march, the World as we used to know entirely changed following the coronavirus outbreak, the first case being recorded in December from Wuhan, China. Patient Zero is believed to be a Chinese citizen, and later on, the airborne virus spread across the globe.

The first case recorded in the United States was in March, resulting in havoc as testing geared up, with new coronavirus sky rocking patients every day and people succumbing to death due to the COVID-19 being reported.

The World of professional sports was tremendously shattered with the airborne virus in our midst that no one knew precisely how to go about it. And they resulted in canceling and postponing their respective leagues until further notice.

It wasn’t that long when we started comprehending the airborne virus that experts educated the public on how to get infected and ways to safeguard ourselves and others.

Up to date, what seems to be working in response to curbing the spread of coronavirus is by keeping a distance, wearing a mask, and sanitizing our hands whenever we go out, and refraining from visiting the elderly for they are the most prone to the COVID-19.

The NFL was adamant about seeing the 2020 season happen with the franchise owners’ support rallying behind them. They worked closely with the NFLPA to come up with contingency plans to safeguard the coaches, players, employees, spectators, and fans’ health safety.

Rules and regulations were set to be precisely followed to curb the spread of the COVID-19 in the league. During the NFL Week 1, we observed several head coaches violating the league’s rules that they wear face masks on the sideline.

Immediately, the NFL sent a warning memo to all the 32 NFL teams to observe the rules and regulations of wearing face coverings lest they risk from having fined for putting the NFL season at risk amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though that wasn’t enough warning for them because, in the NFL Week 2, some head coaches were seen without wearing a face-covering, despite knowing too well, they risked being fined by the NFL.

Now the NFL has struck back by fining head coaches and their clubs for violating the face-covering rules.

The NFL has fined individually, the San Francisco 49ers’ Kyle Shanahan, Seattle Seahawks’ Pete Carroll, and Denver Broncos’ Vic Fangio $100,000. Their teams fined $250000, respectively, as the league does its due diligence to uphold COVID-19 protocols and safety.

Other coaches likely follow suit in getting fined by the NFL for violating the face-covering rules though the players are exempted from those rules.

Ironically, the people who are mandated in enforcing these rules are the ones breaking them, and they are meant for safeguarding them and the entire NFL fraternity amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We expect them to take this matter seriously in order not to have new COVID-19 cases in the NFL league and risk the lives of others.

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