Biden accuses Trump of abusing power to replace the Supreme Court’s judiciary

Biden accuses Trump of abusing power to replace the Supreme Court’s judiciary

Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, has accused Donald Trump of intending to abuse powers in appointing a replacement for the Supreme Court Justice. Trump insisted that he will nominate a woman to replace the longtime judiciary who died of pancreatic cancer.

While Trump vowed to pick the replacement candidate as soon as possible before the upcoming presidential election, Mr. Biden has appealed to the Senate Republicans to postpone a confirmatory vote.

Three women have been rated as the best and most suitable for the role. This includes Barbara Lagoa, a Cuban American who worked on the 11th Atlanta Court of Appeals. The former federal attorney was the first Hispanic judge on the Florida Supreme Court.

Amy Cone Barret, a law scholar at Notre Dame Law School in Indiana and a member of the Chicago-based 7th Court of Appeals, is also a favorite for the position. The woman is known for anti-abortion views.

Another woman who is also considered a favorite for the post is Kate Comerford. She was an assistant lawyer for the White House. She also served as Chief Counsel and Senior VP.

The three women are all the tipped the suitable successors of Ginsburg, 87, who served for 27 years until he died last week on Friday. In US a justice serves for lifetime, unless he decides to retire, resign or due to the cause of death.

However, the replacement is met with opposition from Democrats, who fear Republicans will take control of the country’s Supreme Court in the decades to come.

The US Supreme Court is typically made up of nine justices, and Ginsburg’s replacement is critical to maintaining ideological balance and control when it comes to making decisions on key US law issues.

In his speech on Sunday at the Philadelphia Constitutional Center, Mr. Biden claimed that Trump made it clear that power is at stake.

He added that the U.S. Constitution gives Americans the opportunity to be heard and that their voice should be heard. So it should be made clear and people should not stand for that abuse of power.

He then appealed to Republican senators to obey their conscience and let the people speak so they can cool the flames that have engulfed the country.

Biden urged the senators not to vote in the confirmation of the nominee for the circumstance he called that Trump and senator McConnell created themselves.

Two senators have already supported the motion to delay the vote to confirm the candidate until after the November elections.

Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, if they are then backed by two other Republican Senators, then block will go into effect, or at least it may force a delay in the confirmation vote.

If the confirmation vote contains a tie, Vice President Mike Pence must cast the vote to break the tie.

To avoid the situation, Mr. McConnell is working to win the support of all Republican senators. He has by now secured the support of Senator Lamar Alexander, a Republican whose early vote was seen as a potential turnaround.

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