The US prohibits downloading Tiktok and WeChat apps

The US prohibits downloading Tiktok and WeChat apps

The US government banned the downloading of Tiktok and WeChat from the App Store starting this Sunday. Although the ban has not yet come into effect and now depends heavily on whether the U.S. President, Mr. Donald Trump, approves of the last-minute deal, the Commerce Department said people are banned from downloading the app from an app store.

Tiktok is a short video sharing app for users that also offers access to a large collection of songs and filters. When users share, the app collects and stores a large amount of data, including location and phone types. It is estimated that the app has over 800 million users from different parts of the world.

WeChat is a multi-purpose app launched in 2011 that allows users to send messages, make mobile payments, and use local services. The app is described as an app for everything. It has been estimated that approximately 1 billion users use the app every month.

All social media apps in China are required to censor any content that the government considers illegal. In March, it was reported that WeChat was also censoring content related to the early coronavirus outbreak.

Although WeChat has insisted that its app use data encryption and not store data such as audio, text, and images on their servers, the U.S. government has stated that the apps put national security at risk as they can leak stored data to Chinese government something that and other affiliates have denied the claims.

While Tiktok is said to see the ban through November 12, WeChat will be closed this Sunday in the US.

Tiktok was disappointed with the US government’s concerns that they had ensured a high level of additional transparency. They said they would continue to challenge the resolution they claimed without following the due process.

They added that the Order could deprive the American people and small businesses in the United States of a very important platform through which to exchange and access new ideas.

Tencent, the owner of WeChat, said it was unhappy for the announced restrictions and they would talk to the US government about a long-term solution.

The Commerce Department’s restriction on these apps follows Executive Orders signed by President Trump in early August that gave U.S. companies 45 days to cease all operations with a China-based company or business.

On Friday, Mr. Trump told a reporter that Tiktok is an amazing and very popular company. He said there could be an immediate deal even though the US needed security from China to keep people happy.

Wilbur Ross, the secretary of the Commerce Department, said in a statement that they have taken significant steps under orders from the president to combat malicious data collection by China.

However, the department did not identify the threats posed by WeChat and Tiktok, instead of saying that each of them collects huge amounts of data from their users.

The data they collected includes location, network activity, browsing, and search history.

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