Florida Poll Shows Trump and bidden close

Florida Poll Shows Trump and bidden close

Recent polls in Florida showed that Biden and Trump are close with just a few days before the US election.

The polls had 631 participants who were likely voters in Florida. The survey was conducted online and through automated calls to people with landline phones. It was carried out between September 11th and 12th. It had a margin error of plus or minus 4%

with only 10 days for millions of Floridians to enter the presidential election process, but new polls show the race could get tighter and Democratic candidate Joe Biden can tie with Republican candidate and current President of the United States, Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the Florida Atlantic University poll found Biden was in the lead at 46% and Trump was close behind at 46%, indicating a 3% difference, which is a tie statically.

 FAU said that almost all of the surveys they participated in were decided and had many advantages and disadvantages for each candidate. Only 5% seemed undecided.

FAU is not only the poll to be done in the state of Florida ahead of the coming election. There were other polls recently and they all showed a tight presidential race in the state.

FAU added that 9% of participants said they could change their minds before election day, and three-quarters of the indecisive 5% said they could vote for Trump. This implies that both Biden and Trump could each hit 50% if they are factored in.

 Kevin Wagner, FAU researcher, said the small number of undecided voters was remarkable. He added that they are not that convincing.

Starting next week, those overseeing elections will be distributing vote-by-mail ballots across the state. The question remains, however, whether anyone can still be convinced.

Florida is a very competitive state and both candidates will be spending a lot of money here, according to Kevin Wagner. Each candidate will ensure that their supporters can cast their votes.

According to the same FAU poll, 72% of Trump supporters were excited about the upcoming election, while only 60% of Biden supporters were excited.

At the beginning of March, FAU showed Trump with a lead of 51% to 49%. Later in May, the polls showed that Biden was at the top at 53% to 47%.

In all of these different surveys, FAU used different strategies. The latest polls included likely voters, but previous polls used registered voters.

All in all, Florida is a huge state and thus a battlefield where each candidate will gradually want to emerge victorious to achieve the overall victory. What makes it a critical state is that it gives 29 of the 270 electoral votes required to win the presidency.

Historically, the state has seen close races. Back in 2016, Trump.

led by 49% to 47.8% of his main opponent Hillary Clinton.

Statistics show that Florida has cast about 51 million votes for president since 1992, and there are only 20,000 differences between Republicans and Democrats, which have been very close in recent years.

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