Democrats accuse Trump over west coast wildfires

Democrats accuse Trump over west coast wildfires

Democrats on the US West Coast have accused US President Donald Trump of denying the role of climate change in major coastal forest fires.

In the states of California, Washington, and Oregon, approximately 5 acres of land has been burned by fire.

The governor of Washington claimed climate change was the blowtorch on their states. However, Mr. Trump has blamed poor forest management as the cause of the current crisis.

On Monday, the president was to be briefed by emergency services who were working to put out the fires.

It has also been confirmed that over 35 people have been killed by the fire since early August.

The state of California has confirmed 24 dead in the fire since August 15. On Sunday, authorities said firefighters are working around the clock to suppress the fires in 29 major game areas across the state.

The firefighters are working against the elements of the weather to contain the fire. The strong south winds and low humidity make it difficult for firefighters to make impact on the fire of the north complex, which has burned about 106,000 hectares and of which only 26% has been contained.

The US National Weather Service has issued red flag warnings for other areas of the west coast including Oregon, Jackson County, where the fire also destroyed hundreds of homes.

On Sunday, the Oregon state emergency management office announced that firefighters were fighting 30 active forest fires. The largest fire in the state has been reported to be more than 89 km wide.

In the state of Oregon, over 10 people were reported to have died in the past week. Officials have said other people are still missing and the death toll is expected to rise.

Five people were confirmed dead on Sunday in Washington, where five major forest fires occurred.

West Coast politicians have voiced their opinions on these huge forest fires that are now causing homeless people and killing others.

Kate Brown, the governor of the state of Oregon, said they were facing the perfect firestorm.

On Sunday, she said they saw incredible winds, very cold and hot temperatures, and of course, the state has a landscape that has been a drought for 30 years.

She added that fire is an indication of climate change on the west coast and should serve as a wake-up call for all that should be done in power to combat climate change.

Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington, described the situation as apocalyptic. He added that the moment they face cosmic challenges, and for the president who has denied it wasn’t forest fires, it was climate fires, it went crazy.

The governor’s statement is in line with the statement made by California Governor Gavin Newscom, who said Friday that the fires showed that the climate change debate is over.

On Saturday, during his election campaign in Nevada, the president said he was praying for all those affected by the wildfire on the west coast.

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