Anti-Lukashenko weekend rallies continue in Belarus

Anti-Lukashenko weekend rallies continue in Belarus

Tens of thousands of Belarusians marched onto the streets at another rally against Lukashenko. On consecutive weekends, many people gathered in the capital Minsk and other cities to protest against the longtime president.

Even after the heavy use of police officers to block the key areas, the mass protest has not stopped this weekend. Police have reported that around 250 people have been arrested.

The main cause of the protest is the recent elections, in which President Lukashenko emerged victoriously.

The election was held on August 9th, and Mr. Lukashenko received an overwhelming victory, even after these widespread claims of election fraud.

The election was followed by consecutive nights of protest, during which many have been arrested. Police were also reported to severely beat people. Pressure forced some opposition leaders to leave the country and seek hostages elsewhere outside the country.

And amid the arrests of other key opposition leaders, it sparked a series of protests that attracted thousands of participants every weekend.

However, the opposition claims the president rigged the elections to stay in power and what sparked the demos. The protest has also said to complain about the excess use of force by police.

Although the pressure on the 66-year-old president, who has held office for 26 years in a row, continues to mount, he believes he legally won the election and vowed to defend Belarus. The president has accused western nations of meddling.

It was the sixth Sunday in a row that thousands of people marched on the streets of the capital. It is estimated that over 100,000 people took part in all of the Sunday rallies.

According to an eyewitness, the sixth rally consisted of thousands of people who flooded the center of Minsk. The crowd marched through the residential area of ​​Drozdy, where high-ranking government officials, including President Lukashenko, allegedly live there.

The police were able to block the crowd.

The capital Minsk was not only hosting this weekend rally. It was reported that cities like Brest, Gomel, Mogilev, and others also registered the rallies, albeit in fewer numbers.

Regarding the protest, the interior ministry said the rallies before 3:00 p.m. local time had no more than 3,000 participants across the country but were slowly growing over time.

The ministry also said that many arrests were made in different districts of the capital and that those arrested were those who wore offensive flags and posters.

Some footage videos posted on social media accounts captured black men who even dragged people from the crowd into their unmarked minibusses.

Mr. Lukashenko said he could develop closer ties with Russia, which seems to be his main proponent.

The controversial president has been photographed with a gun at least twice in the past few days at his home in Minsk. He has also been captured being surrounded by armed security guards

The current situation in Belarus has sparked interests from other international countries, including the US, who have stated that they are closely monitoring the situation.

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