Microsoft warns hackers targeting US 2020 presidential election

Microsoft warns hackers targeting US 2020 presidential election

The Microsoft group has warned that hackers with ties to Russia, Iran and China are targeting people and groups controlling the US 2020 presidential elections.

The tech company has stated that the same hackers who interfered in the 2016 US presidential election are also targeting this year’s election, which is due to take place on November 3rd. And according to Microsoft, the hackers have stepped up their efforts for this time and will do great damage to the upcoming elections.

What is so confusing is that these hackers target both Mr. Trump’s campaign groups and Joe Biden’s. It has been said that the Russian strontium group hackers attacked more than 200 organizations, many of which are so close to US political affairs.

Microsoft also said the same attackers targeted UK political parties, although they did not specify which those parties are.

 The Strontium group is a well-known cyber-attack group and has some connections with the Russian military intelligence system GRU.

Tom Burt, a Microsoft vice president responsible for customer safety and trust, said the Strontium group is working to collect people’s credentials and compromise their accounts to gain access to information gathering or to disrupt voting.

The company said that Mr. Biden’s campaign team is being attacked by Chinese hackers while Iranian hackers target Mr. Trump’s campaign team.

It was said that the Chinese attackers targeted the personal email accounts of those involved in Biden’s campaign.

According to the company, however, no attempt by the alleged hackers went through. In addition, these attacks did not attempt to reach the voting system handlers.

Mr. Burt said the observed attacks only targeted candidates and campaign teams, as well as the key figures who are consulting the presidential candidates on some issues.

He added that the individuals and organizations involved in these elections are now being encouraged to use the free and inexpensive security tools available to protect themselves.

The Trump administration has responded to Microsoft’s attack claims. Christopher Krebs, the senior cyber official in the Department of Homeland Security, said Microsoft’s warning was in line with what the US intelligence system had been saying.

Mr. Krebs added that it was worth noting that the alleged attacks were not launched on those who operate the voting system or voting in-fracture and therefore did not affect the electoral process.

On the previous Thursday, a Russian citizen was accused by the Trump administration of planning to meddle in the upcoming US elections.

The US Treasury Department also imposed sanctions on Andrii Derkach, a Moscow-affiliated Ukrainian lawmaker, who is also accused of planning interference in the upcoming political process.

Microsoft’s results now underscore the fact that interference in the US election is a non-partisan problem and no major US party is neither safe nor free from it.

In 2016, an attempt by a Russia-based attacker to influence the election was quickly linked to a party.

With the 2020 US presidential elections, only a few months ahead of us, not only secret services but also the private sector affected or involved in the electoral process must take precautionary measures to prevent threats to the democratic process.

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