China celebrates victory against COVID-19

China celebrates victory against COVID-19

As countries suffer the aftermath of what COVID-19 has caused economies, in particular, China, which first confirmed the current pandemic, celebrated a triumphant victory.

This is the news most governments around the world are thriving to make, but the contagious COVID-19 continues to manifest as most corporate and sports activities cease.

Since its first confirmation in China, over 911,000 people worldwide have been reported dead from complications resulting from contradicting the virus.

Although Beijing is now celebrating its victory against this highly contagious virus, the negative mood is growing across Europe as the second wave of infections is registered in some countries.

Some European countries are still issuing some guidelines to contain the spread. Although some European countries have already allowed their schools to run, cases are still on the rise, which has forced some countries like France to tighten some of the COVID-19 guidelines.

Earlier this week, Spain became the second European country to register more than half a million cases. India is now the second most severely affected nation after the US, with more than 4.2 million cases.

Since late last year when the first case in the country was reported, China has confirmed over 85,000 cases with over 4,600 deaths so far.

The country first hit the headlines when it recorded the number of deaths with horror videos on the internet showing people die on the street without anyone willing to help for fear of contradicting the same virus.

But the country was so quick to put lockdowns and travel restrictions on early in the year, and that has paid off.

 The credits also go to the medical staff, who worked around the clock, when the health facility was overwhelmed by many cases reported daily.

Chinese President Xi Jimping, while honoring these medical professionals during the celebration, said the country passed an extraordinary and historic test.

He added that they were quick to win in the People’s War against COVID-19 and that China is now the world leader in economic recovery. However, the nation’s propaganda machine didn’t skip this celebration. The celebration was seen as an example of the agility and organization of communist leadership.

Xi in his speech also angered those who will doubt China, saying that they will be selfish and confuse all of their movements and deeds that will be right and wrong.

Beijing has been working on homemade COVID-19 vaccines as many nations, research institutes and organizations have entered the race to be the first to find effective and safe vaccines that demonstrate global leadership and resilience.

Earlier this week, the vaccine they were developing was the top spot at the show, and both authorities and manufacturers are confident that the trials will prove it by the end of this year.

The vaccine is in the third phase of trials, which is the final step before regulatory approval.

Indeed, for the Chinese, this is news to celebrate particularly if one remembers how people were collapsing on the streets in Wuhan.

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