Australia to roll out COVID-19 vaccine

Australia to roll out COVID-19 vaccine

Since the first case was reported in China late last year, over 28,166,345 COVID-19 cases have been reported worldwide, with over 910,000 deaths.

Many countries on the world’s continents are still fighting this highly contagious virus while others are celebrating victory against it.

Australia, a country with a total population of around 25 million people, is one of those nations that are still battling the virus and not yet having to celebrate a victory to mark the end of the spread of this COVID-19, which has killed 788 people after infecting other 26,513 others across the country.

And in one of the moves that can be considered crucial to fighting the coronavirus, the country, and its government plan to secure about 85 million doses of vaccine after the two current studies are positive.

According to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, the country has reached an agreement to roll out free doses by 2021 after they have been approved as effective and safe for human use.

The total cost for rolling out the doses is estimated at 1.7 bn of the Australian dollar and first does could be available for use by January, though Mr. Morrison didn’t guarantee that.

The prime minister said the deal put Australia at the top of the queue and what only holds is medical approval.

The ordered vaccines include some being developed and studied by the Oxford University and the AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company. They have also considered the locally made version being developed at the University of Queensland and CSL. It has been proposed that each person be given two doses of a vaccine.

Australia has seen the highest daily cases in the past two months following the reported outbreak in Victoria. On Sunday, the country extended one of the strict lockdowns for another two weeks, after which the restrictions will gradually be relaxed.

Though the ordered vaccine will come outside the country, most of the manufacturing processes will be done in the country by the biotechnology company CSL.

The country has agreed to 33.8 million doses of the vaccine developed by Oxford University, and 51 million doses will come from UQ.

If the oxford’s vaccine is approved, then it can be available in the country starting January where 3.8m doses will be imported.

The vaccine being developed by Oxford University is in its third phase of the trial and it is the most advanced vaccine where all the global hopes are after doubt on the announced Russian vaccine which many termed as desperate announcements.

The vaccine developed by UQ / CSL is in the first phase of clinical studies and tests have been carried out on small control groups.

The government will not forcefully give the vaccine to its citizens but will encourage them with a goal of about 95% of the total population.

Also, the prime minister said that Australia will remain committed to ensure that its neighbors in the pacific and south East Asia get the COVID-19 vaccine as well.

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