Thousands Belarusians march in a fresh protest against Lukashenko

Thousands Belarusians march in a fresh protest against Lukashenko

Thousands of Belarusians gathered to take part in the protest against Lukashenko on Sunday. Protesters seeking the resignation of the long-time Belarusian president gathered in the capital.

The pressure comes after it was alleged to have rigged the recently concluded presidential election.

Mr. Lukashenko, who has been in office since 1994, has accused Westerners of meddling in local politics.

On Sunday, the protesters got involved one-on-one with the anti-riot force near the presidential palace. The troops reciprocated by firing pepper spray, wielding batons and arresting some of the protesters.

It was reported that at least four people died and hundreds were injured in the clash.

In the midst of the current unrest in the country, some top personalities have decided to flee the country. Olga Kavalkova is the latest character to flee the country. The opposition person, who is threatened with arrest, confirmed on Saturday that he had sought refuge in neighboring Poland.

Protesters, human rights defenders and observers have alleged that the police used excessive force to suppress peaceful marches.

The Sunday protest had several phases. It started out tense and insecure. The armed forces guarded an erected barbed wire to prevent many from accessing the assembly point, the monuments and squares of Minsk.

At different corners, people gathered in small groups and wondered when the march would begin.

The first occurrence of clashes was when a man holding the banned opposition red and white flag and leading a small group of people was dragged into the police car and driven away.

A few moments later the number rose on Independence Square. The large number became self-confident and faced the police, who had formed a barricade to block the street.

Then in the afternoon things seemed to be out of control as many people young and old, some in costumes, others in police mocking clothes, marched out of the center.

It seemed like someone brought the whole family to the protest, even pets like dogs and geese were seen in the crowd. It is estimated that over 100,000 people took part in the protest and it was the fourth Sunday in a raw that the controversial president tried to stop the uprising but all failed.

Other cities across Belarus also participated in the protest. Although it was less, Belarusian in Grodno, Mogilev and Gomel also marched on the streets in solidarity with the protesters in the capital Minsk.

The protest on Sunday increased the pressure on Mr. Lukashenko, who himself believes that he legally won the election and cannot step down, although up to a point he has shown a willingness to share the powers.

It is evident that his security forces are working harder to order the situation across the country. In the past few days, security forces have been targeting university students. Forces have been captured dragging university students returning from vacation into unmarked minivans.

Police also use intimidation, blockades and arrests to minimize people’s involvement in these protests.

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