Police Hunts a knifeman randomly stabbed people in Birmingham

Police Hunts a knifeman randomly stabbed people in Birmingham

The UK Police Department is looking for a knifeman who stabbed and killed one while injuring seven other people in Birmingham city center. Of those seven injured, only one woman is in critical condition while others are nursing less life-threatening injuries.

Police have confirmed that his first stab was on Constitution Hill and occurred around 00:30 BST. Then the knifeman moved south, where he randomly attacked.

West Midlands Police have stated that the attack is not linked to terrorists, gangs, or civil unrest. Detectives have confirmed that they are only looking for this one man and no other. The police are asking anyone with footage or CCTV tape of the rampage to contact them.

It has been confirmed that the attacker stabbed people on Irving Street then moved to Hurst, the street that connects the gay village and the Chinese Quarter.

One observer, a woman celebrating her 29th birthday, described how it would help another woman bleed profusely after being stabbed by the knifeman.

Nikita Denton, a woman from Edgbaston, said that her best friend Jay was holding the injured woman’s head and comforting her, adding that they would not leave her by the side.

 Nikita added that the injured woman looked very dazed and confused and rarely answered her friend.

 Fortunately, the paramedics came and asked for help. Nikita added that she used the flashlight on her phone to help them bandage the wounds since they didn’t have any. There were about four wounds.

She added that what would not have happened if they hadn’t been there that night as she was alone.

CH. Supt Graham said armed officers had been on standby throughout the city center to keep people safe.

That night, officers received a flat description of the attacker but did not disclose any details at that moment.

He added that the early morning event of that day was so tragic, shocking, and understandably scary.

According to chap. Supt Graham, the attack seemed random as there is no link between those who were attacked, either in their nature or where they came from.

He assured the public that they are doing all they can to find the attacker in question while they investigate what happened.

Savvas Sfrantzis, an observer who worked nearby, said he watched a man severely stab a girl. It seemed that maybe the attacker was trying to take the girl’s necklace.

 He added that the attacker was very cold and never panicked. After stabbing the girl, the assailant walked away with confidence, as if nothing had happened.

David Nash, another person presents at one scene, said he heard people scream to stop him, he had just stabbed someone.

Officials used to find a knife in the drain, but Mr. Graham dismissed the claim that it could be related to the attack, saying it was too early to draw such a conclusion.

Lots of people boarded the drain down and a thorough investigation must be done before any conclusions can be drawn.

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