Australia extends strict lockdown in the state of Melbourne

Australia extends strict lockdown in the state of Melbourne

Australia has extended the toughest lockdown in Melbourne, Victoria state for two weeks because the COVID-19 infection rate has not fallen enough.

Victoria Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said the extended lockdown will go up to September 28 and will gradually ease from October.

Melbourne and the entire state of Victoria have been the hotspot for the contagious COVID-19 in Australia. 90% of the total of 753 deaths as a result of the second wave of COVID-19 infection were recorded in the state. The country of around 25 million people has registered over 16,000 cases.

Melbourne has been on lockdown since July 9th, where shops and other businesses have remained closed. A travel limit of 3 miles and a curfew for the night have also been set.

The lockdown was supposed to end on September 13 but has been extended with a few changes.

 For some changes, the curfew has been postponed between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. Single people have also seen some light after being allowed to bubble and visit each other. The current travel limit does not apply to them either.

At a press conference, Mr. Andrew suggested that the lock cannot be lifted in a single step as it can trigger the third wave of infections and re-force the lock. So there is only one way to take steady and safe steps.

He suggested that the opening is not currently possible. If this happens now, the current situation of COVID-19 in the state could quickly spiral out of control. He added that for a normal Christmas, the steps are very important.

It has been suggested that if the daily average falls between 30 and 50 by Sept. 28, the city would be subject to the third tier of restrictions. The stage contains some provisions that include a staged return of the schools and allowing up to five people from two in a public gathering.

It is also suggested to lift the lockdown if the daily average falls below five by October 26th. In other regions outside of Melbourne, restrictions are being relaxed much faster.

From September 13th, up to five people can gather outside. Outdoor pools and playgrounds may also be operated. Religious places may be opened, but the gathering will take place outdoors with a maximum of five participants.

In the past few days’ hundreds of people staged a protest against the lockdown of across Australia that sparked the announcement.

In Melbourne itself, it was reported that around 300 people marched on the streets even without following COVID-19 guidelines.

Mr. Andrew told the protesters that it was selfish and illegal to do this. He added that such behavior, which can lead to more COVID-19 cases than fewer, shouldn’t be in everyone’s best interests and people want to leave it behind, and so it is for him.

Australia isn’t the only nation considering extending lockdowns in any of their states. The Philippines also followed the same process of extending lockdown restrictions.

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