Joe Biden speaks to Jacob Blake’s family in Kenosha

Joe Biden speaks to Jacob Blake’s family in Kenosha

Mr. Joe Biden, the presidential candidate on the Democracy ticket, called Jacob Blake, a black American who was shot by an officer. The incident occurred in Kenosha city, Wisconsin state, and sparked protests across the country.

During a conversation with Mr. Biden on the phone, Blake, who was paralyzed and hospitalized, said he would not give up whether or not he is going to walk again.

Mr. Biden confirmed the conversation when speaking at a meeting in the town where the shooting took place.

In a private meeting, Joe Biden and his wife met with Mr. Blake’s family at Milwaukee Airport. No other person was allowed in the meeting.

Mr. Biden said he was surprised at the family’s overwhelming resilience and optimism.

Ben Crump, the family attorney, confirmed the meeting, adding that it was engaging and Blake’s family were also impressed with how Biden was willing to listen to them.

Mr. Biden attacked current US President Donald Trump and his leadership at a community meeting held in Kenosha, arguing that the US had stopped at a turning point in its history.

The president also visited the Kenosha on Tuesday, examining areas damaged by the often violent protests following the shooting of Blake.

Unlike Mr. Biden, however, the President did not meet with Blake’s relatives. He said it required lawyers to be present.

The two presidential candidates consider the state of Wisconsin to be important in the upcoming presidential election a few months to go. For decades, the state has been known to support the presidential winner regardless of the party.

In 2016, Mr. Trump narrowly won the election and is aiming for re-election.

Mr. President campaigned for law and order in his presidential campaigns, but Mr. Biden has accused him of causing racial segregation.

Although Wisconsin Governor Mr. Tony Evers said he would prefer neither Trump nor Biden to tour his state, but for Biden, it was one of the important visits he made ahead of the upcoming presidential election, in which he is salivating for victory.

Over the past few weeks, Kenosha Democrats and protesters have been very concerned that no high-ranking Democrat has visited them and only the President has visited.

Local Democrats were also frustrated after the national convention in neighboring Milwaukee was canceled for fear of the current pandemic spreading, and a replacement meeting was not arranged.

Biden’s supporters gathered in small groups and heard them sing “Let’s go, Joe”. This wasn’t what Biden was looking for, but the praise from Blake’s family member for the compassion he showed by speaking to them is enough for him and exactly what his campaign team would have hoped for.

 Mr. Biden has requested the arrest of the officer who shot Blake.

Prior to the trip, his campaign team said Biden believes that charges seem warranted from what he has seen, but that a full investigation should be conducted to ensure all facts are known first.

Bill Barr, the attorney general in an interview on Wednesday, said Blake’s situation is far different from that of George Floyd, another black American who died in police custody and whose death sparked national and international protests.

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