Trump and Biden accuse each other of clashes

Trump and Biden accuse each other of clashes

US President Donald Trump and his main rival on the Democratic ticket, Joe Biden, have accused each other of the violence observed in Portland, Oregon.

The violence sparked after a man linked to the right-wing group was killed on Saturday. Elsewhere in the same city, Trump supporters clashed with black lives matter protesters.

Although Mr. Biden accused the president of promoting the violence, Trump called those attending the rally as great patriots, blaming the city’s Democratic mayor for the riot.

Portland has become one of the hotspots for demonstrations against police brutality and racism that sparked across the country after the death of George Floyd, a Black American who died in police custody.

Media reported that a man who claimed to be an anti-fascist has been linked to Saturday’s shootings. The founder of the Right Win group identified the victim as a supporter.

On Sunday, the US President tweeted “rest in peace” next to the victim’s name.

Police have not yet formally identified the victim or suspect and whether the shooting was linked to the clashes remains to be determined.

The president, who is due to visit the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin this Tuesday, to address the recent riots following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black American, has the Democratic Mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, blamed for the unrest.

Mr. Trump, who is considering sending federal forces into the city, wrote on Twitter that Portland will never bounce back with such a fool from the mayor.

On Monday, President labeled Portland to be chaotic and repeatedly called for law and order.

Trump said if the mayor doesn’t want to clean it up, they’ll get in and do it for them.

In another tweet, the president said the radical left mayor and city governors who witnessed the insane violence have lost control of their movement.

About his Democratic rival, the president added that it shouldn’t be, but the anarchists and agitators got carried away and stopped listening, moving so far as to force even slow Joe out of the basement.

On the flip side, the Democratic presidential candidate said Mr. Trump might think tweeting about law and order will make him strong, but his failure to call his followers to end conflict searches shows how he’s week.

Mayor Wheeler has also responded to Trump’s criticism tweets, saying the president created hatred and division. He added that if he just supported her or if he had to get out of his way, he would appreciate the president.

While law and order have been the main theme for President Trump seeking re-election, he has repeatedly painted his Democrats’ rivals taking the crime gently.

Alternatively, the Democrats have accused him of trying to stir up tensions for political gain.

The presidential elections are planned for next November and are only a few months away. Every wing expects to get away with the victory, but neither side is ready to lose or finish second and now throwing blames.

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