Offensive Tackle Taylor Decker Agree to 6-Year Extension Worth $85 Million Deal with Detroit Lions

Offensive Tackle Taylor Decker Agree to 6-Year Extension Worth $85 Million Deal with Detroit Lions

A few weeks ago, Detroit Lions made headlines as the first team in the history of the NFL to cancel practice session in response to protest against the shooting of unarmed black man Jacob Blake by an officer of the law seven times in the back.

Blake was leaning on his SUV when the incident happened as three of his children were at the vehicle’s back seat, and he might never walk again for the rest of his life. The recorded video went viral, spiking angry protests condemning the unending police brutality against people of color.

Not too long ago, George Floyd died in Minneapolis police’s custody as one of the officers kneeled on his neck until he lost consciousness while repeatedly cried out, saying I can’t breathe. The incident took place on May 25 and brought about a massive protest worldwide condemning racial discrimination and calling out the end of social injustices towards Black Americans.

Sadly, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has shown to be complicated to deal with. And no cure has been found yet, and we are taking measures by wearing a mask, keeping a distance, and sanitizing our hands whenever we are going out in response to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

But the NFL league has set new signing records amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and Detroit Lions weren’t left behind after they offered an extension to their Offensive Tackle Taylor Decker contract for a 6-year deal worth $85M, with $37.5M fully guaranteed.

The Lions continued with their history of signing critical players to extension just in the blink of starting the season while under general manager Bob Quinn.

In August, Decker expressed his desire to extend his contract with the Lions. Still, he was uncertain if a deal would happen following the COVID-19 pandemic and the police killings spiking protests across the United States.

Offensive tackle Taylor Decker 6-year extension deal makes him the only Lion’s player with a more extended contract than any other team player. But it didn’t come as a surprise following his leadership skills for the team.

On Tuesday, Decker was among the three Lions players chosen by the team to represent them when they spoke publicly protesting against the shooting of Jacob Blake before he has been speaking a lot to the media on football matters.

Decker is one of the most consistent linemen for the Detroit Lions, and he has started in all the 55 games for the Lions. In 2018, we saw him caught an 11-yard touchdown making it one caught a pass in his career.

Decker will surely keep on showing his worth when playing for the Detroit Lions, and with the starting of the 2020 season around the corner, we can’t wait to see him do what he loves doing best, and that’s play football. Remember to wear a mask, keep a distance, and sanitize your hands.     

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