Belarus sees new protests against Lukashenko

Belarus sees new protests against Lukashenko

There have been protests in Belarus since the presidential elections on August 9th. On Sunday, the country again saw tens of thousands of people on the streets opposing riot police when they protested against President Alexander Lukashenko.

The big protests were observed in the main square in Minsk. Police reportedly arrested around 125 of the participants.

Protesters who appeared to be upset by Mr. Lukashenko were heard singing “disgrace” and “go away”.

Mr. Lukashenko has been in power for 26 years and has shown no intention of voluntarily resigning and continues to deny that there was no electoral fraud as his opposition claims.

However, the new protests appeared to be stronger than the previous protests. It has been reported to be very tense. The crowd, carrying balloons, flowers, and red and white opposition flags, clashed with the riot police, which was also in large numbers. Some of the crowd were seen to lie on the ground to prevent the police from moving.

The media reported that there were more police officers than in other previous riots.

Some of the demonstrators mocked Mr. Lukashenko on his birthday. They were seen carrying a cockroach doll and singing, happy birthday, you rat.

Part of the group marched towards Mr. Lukashenko’s residence in the Independence Palace, although the place was under strong protection from the riot police armed with water cannon vehicles.

In an anti-encounter gambit, police blocked some streets around the city, preventing many crowds from entering the main protest area.

Brest and Grodno also witnessed some other minor protests.

The government prevents journalists from reporting on the unrest. It was reported that 17 of those reported had their accreditation withdrawn by the authorities. Most of the journalists whose accreditation has been revoked are Belarusian citizens who have reported for foreign media.

Those affected also included the two BBC Russian service journalists. In its statement, the group condemned this stiffening of independent journalism.

So far there has been no direct word from Mr. Lukashenko, but his press secretary is said to have sent the Russian media a picture of him with a machine gun in front of his residence in the Independence Palace.

Lukashenko, who is on his 66th birthday, was welcomed on the phone by Russian President Vladimir Putin for a visit to Moscow. This seems to be the latest sign of Kremlin’s support, and it is the first as Russia has never welcomed the president.

President Putin previously said he has reserved a police force ready to intervene, but only if things get out of hand.

The Sunday protest complements other protests sparked earlier this month after President Lukashenko claimed a controversial victory with the opposition claiming that the election had been rigged.

It began when opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya was arrested a few days after the election and called for protests after the release.

At these protests, it was reported that at least four people were dead and hundreds were injured.

Trump also said he monitoring the situation in the country.

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