Detroit Lions Cancel Practice to Protest Against the Shooting of Jacob Blake By the Police

Detroit Lions Cancel Practice to Protest Against the Shooting of Jacob Blake By the Police

Why? Is the question in people’s head that keeps on lingering every single time, we witness the unbearable disgusting unending police brutality against the people of color, especially the black people!

Where does one run to seeking protection when the people who are mandated to protect us are ending our lives?

The pain is real to have to see a black man treated inhumanly in this era, and history keeps on repeating itself of social injustice against racial discrimination.

Not too long ago, we rallied protesting the death of an unarmed black man George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police in May. After pinning down the harmless giant police officer, Derek Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd’s neck for a long time, and we could hear Floyd’s voice in video footage pleading to the officer that he couldn’t breathe. Still, his cry failed to dead ears as the other officers stood there unbothered until he lost consciousness.

Upon reaching the hospital, Floyd was dead. Immediately after the news of his death, people took their frustrations into the streets in protest against the cruel, inhuman racial discrimination.

Across the world, people came together in solidarity, condemning police killings against black people. After months of protests and calls to reform police departments across the United States, social injustice remains in our midst.

Once again, social injustice revealed itself when an unarmed Jacob Blake was shot at point-blank range, get it right? 7-times in the back by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The disgusting incident took place on Sunday night, as Blake leaned into his SUV while his 3-sons were inside the vehicle. And on Monday, Blake’s execution attempt video went viral, igniting widespread condemnation of social injustice against racial discrimination.

On Tuesday, the Detroit Lions became the first NFL team to protest against Jacob Blake shooting by the police by halting their afternoon practice. The players alongside their Head Coach Matt Patricia displaced written messages that read, “The World Can’t Go On! (Stop and Listen)” and “We Won’t Be Silent (One Pride).

They are the first NFL team in history that has canceled practice in response to address social injustice condemning the shooting. Raising the awareness that it’s a high time for such incidents to be treated as abnormal and we shouldn’t keep quiet about it rather stand together unified.

It’s heartbreaking to hear that Jacob Blake might never walk again for the rest of his life since he is paralyzed from the waist down, just because a foolish police officer shot him.

Unfortunately, Blakes children will have to go for therapy to help them to forget the fateful incident after witnessing their father getting gunned down by the police in Infront of their eyes.

Blake’s Mother called out on the people protesting to stay calm, insisting that his son won’t like it if they result in chaos, and that’s not the legacy he wants to leave behind.

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