US First lady pleads for racial unity

US First lady pleads for racial unity

Melania Trump, the American first lady, has pleaded for racial harmony during a live speech in Whitehouse ahead of the Republican Convention. The US First Lady is calling for violence and looting to be stopped in the face of protests against a police shootout in Wisconsin. Ms. Trump also urged Americans to stop making assumptions based on skin color.

Republicans started their Congress on Monday and Trump is expected to deliver his speech on Thursday the last night of Congress.

Melania Trump gave the keynote address of the day in the Rose Garden of the White House in front of a small audience, which included her husband.

She said that like everyone else, she thought about the racial unrest in the country. She added that this is a harsh reality that they are not proud of parts of their history. Trump’s wife encouraged Americans to focus on the future while learning from the past.

She also urged people to civilly join forces so that they can work and live up to American standard ideals. She also urged people to stop the violence and looting in the name of justice and never make assumptions based on a person’s skin color.

Her speech comes on the second day of the Republican Convention. The day’s schedule began with a prayer from Jacob Blake. The 29-year-old black man was shot multiple times in the back by police in Wisconsin on Sunday.

Amid the unrest that followed the shooting of the U.S. President, Mr. Donald Trump tweeted in a call to the Midwestern state governor to deploy the National Guard.

Although black convention spokesmen have vigorously denied that Trump is racist, the president has often been criticized by opponents for fueling racist tension.

In her speech, Ms. Trump also expressed compassion for Americans who were concerned about the COVID-19 outbreak. The virus killed over 182,000 people after infecting another 5,967,518 people across the country.

She added that she knew that many people are fearful and some feel helpless, but said that they are not alone.

Melania praised her husband as someone who doesn’t keep secrets about how he feels about things. She said absolute honesty is what citizens deserve from the president.

When speaking from the seat of presidential power, it angered the Democrats, who viewed it as improper use of government resources.

While the convention’s first night dealt with voters’ perceived weaknesses regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, racial issues, and general empathy, the second night focused on motivating its grassroots, from anti-abortion activists to Christian one’s Conservatives.

That second night of the convention, Eric and Tiffany Trump, the president’s children also made the list of speakers.

While Republicans are sure to win to the election, the opinion polls, put president Donald Trump trailing the Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
And unless something changes, voters will be concerned about the current pandemic when they vote.

The public perception of how the current president handled the virus will be one of the factors that will determine his fate.

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