Trump claims Democrats plan to rig the elections

Trump claims Democrats plan to rig the elections

On Monday, the current US President Donald Trump was confirmed as the Republic candidate. It is the day on which the party launched its national convention and the president he president claimed the opposition party, the Democrats are planning to rig the election.

Recent polls have shown that the president is losing and is now concerned about his re-election campaign.

Trump, whose nomination vote has been confirmed by the party and who will fly the flag in the upcoming presidential election on November 3, was present at Congress in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The President gave a long, often obscure, speech that lasted nearly an hour. First, he urged Republicans to be vigilant in what he claimed the Democrats plan to rig the upcoming elections.

The upcoming elections are supposed to be more like mail-in-voting, which Trump has criticized as a gap for election fraud and foreign intervention. But Democrats have backed the system, claiming it was a measure to keep people safe from contractions, the contagious coronavirus that has killed over 181,000 people in the country.

Trump said while speaking to party delegates, who many were wore face masks, that the Democrats are trying to steal the election. He added that the only way they can win elections from them is through manipulation.

Opponents have cited Trump’s opposition to an expanded mail-in voting system as an attempt to stifle turnout and prepare an apology if he loses the election.

Joe Biden, the confirmed Democratic candidate in the upcoming election, leads Trump, according to opinion polls. It turns out that Americans have turned against Trump to deal with the current world pandemic and subsequent economic chaos.

The US is now leading the world after 5 million-plus confirmed cases and has recorded the highest unemployment claims in history.

The Republican convention is set to end this Thursday, and Trump hopes it will help draw voters’ attention from the pandemic to what he has termed a Super-V-shaped economic recovery.

The republican’s convention began its prime on Monday, marked by a celebration of fighting spirit of Trump and rugged American individualism, as a voice over-praised Trump’s swift action to save lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the same way that the Democrats did in their convention, the Republican organizers packed their gathering with a mix of politicians and everyday Americans.

The party claims Trump deserved another four years in office, and the election of Biden would turn the nation into an unrecognizable socialist state that seeks to kill the American dream.

Tanya Wieners, a Montana small business owner, fueled fears of a Democratic winning, telling the convention that workers now have the terrible outlook of Joe Biden coming after anything Republican built.

As was customary with previous conventions, with incumbents holding onto until last night, it was different for Trump, who took over the event, which was drastically scaled back in the face of existing COVID-19 fears.

The President is expected to speak on each of the remaining days of the Convention.

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