TikTok taking lawful action against Trump for banning

TikTok taking lawful action against Trump for banning

TikTok, a Chinese social media platform for short videos, has taken lawful action against the ban imposed by US President, Mr. Donald Trump.

The executive branch of the US president banned business with ByteDance, the owner of TikTok starting mid of September.

Officials in the US believe that by using the app, the users of this Chinese social media platform could leak confidential information to the government of China, which the app’s owner, ByteDance, has widely denied.

In the US, it has been reported that over 80 million are already using this app to share short videos.

Through its spokesman, TikTok said they had been trying to contact Mr. Trump’s administration for about a year, but there was a lack of due process.

The spokesman added that they had no choice but to challenge the executive order through the judicial system to ensure that the rule of law is not overturned and the owner company and its businesses are treated fairly.

TikTok was a platform that allowed users to post and share short video clips on a variety of topics ranging from dance, comedy, or funny moments to politics. The app isn’t old in the industry as its popularity only emerged a few months ago.

It has been reported that teenagers downloaded this app the most often. Data shows the app has been downloaded more than a billion times worldwide. This shows how the teens appreciated this app as many took up TikTok’s challenges in the app.

But for Trump and his administration, they looked at the app from a different perspective. They claimed that China can use the app to track federal employee locations, spy on companies, or gather the information to be used in extortion.

In his speech, Trump said that the growth of mobile apps developed and owned by companies in China threatens US national security, foreign policy, and the economy.

In his Executive Orders, the US President stated that the data collected through this app posed a threat as it could allow the Chinese Communist Party to access the American’s personal and protected information. The TikTok owners have denied that they never disclosed US data to Chinese authorities.

Since his election, the U.S. president has settled in the war with China several times, and the actions against TikTok and WeChat, a social media platform owned by Chinese firm Tencent, are the latest.

WeChat is widely used by users with connections to China, where major social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp are blocked.

It is also taken as a critical tool in China’s internal surveillance apparatus requiring local users accused of disseminating ill-disposed rumors to record a face scan and voiceprint.

A group of Chinese-Americans has also filed a separate lawsuit against a ban similar to WeChat.

The US isn’t the only nation that has decided to ban TikTok. Counties like India have also banned the use of this app in their country, and Australia has discussed taking similar action.

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