The WHO advises children aged 12 and over to wear masks

The WHO advises children aged 12 and over to wear masks

Even after Russia confirmed the discovery of its alleged first COVID-19 vaccine, which received some critics, it remains that the world is still being rocked by this novel virus, which was first confirmed in China late last year.

Over 23,678,912 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed worldwide, of which over 814,058 are believed to have died after contradicting the virus, and around 16,139,429 cases have recovered from infection according to the data by Worldometer.

Several guidelines on public safety have been applied and advised by various countries, institutions, and agencies, but the World Health Organization (WHO) has taken over the main part.

In the latest guidance, the United Nations agency has recommended that children 12 years and older should wear the face covers just like adults to help fight the coronavirus. It was also recommended that kids between the ages of six and eleven should only wear the face makes on a risk-based manner.

Kids of ages 12 and older should ensure that this face covering is in place, especially when the recommended social distance of one meter or three feets is not guaranteed and in areas where higher cases have been reported.

In their document, which they posted on their website, WHO and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) described some scenarios in which children between the ages of 6 and 11 should wear a face mask.

This included the intensity of transmission in the area, access to the mask, the child’s ability to use the mask, and the availability of adult supervision.

 The two panels also said the potential impact on learning and psychosocial development, as well as the child’s exposure to people believed to be susceptible to the virus, will also play a key role.

WHO and UNICEF added that children under five should not wear masks due to the safety and general interest of a child.

Research has found that older children may play a more active role in transmitting new COVID-19 than older children.

However, WHO and UNICEF said more data are needed to better understand the role of children and adolescents in the transmission of this novel coronavirus.

It was on June 5 that the WHO first advised people to wear masks in public to reduce the spread of the virus, but had not previously given specific guidelines for children.

And although their last advice was for people to stick to the local guide, now is a new guide for young people to wear masks and contain the spread of this virus.

And there was no talk of these children wearing face masks at school. France is a country where students have to wear masks.

However, the WHO instructed children not to wear masks when exercising or in the playground to ensure that their normal breathing is not affected.

Instead, it was recommended that these children keep within three feet or one meter of social distance, limit the number of children playing together, and encourage them to wash their hands regularly.

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