Former Trump adviser charged with fraud

Former Trump adviser charged with fraud

Steve Bannon, the former Trump adviser, has been arrested and charged with fraud against Wall Funds in Mexico. Bannon and three others have accused of defrauding hundreds of thousands of donated funds. The US Department of Justice DoJ reported that the campaign raised $ 25 million.

The DoJ said that Mr. Bannon received more than $ 1 million to cover his expenses. The former advisor will appear in court soon later.

With his right-wing anti-immigration ideology, Mr. Bannon was a key architect in promoting Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, in which he emerged victoriously.

The US president responded to the arrest of his former adviser, saying he felt very bad about it. Donald Trump said Mr. Bannon was not involved in the campaign to build the Mexican wall.

Trump said it was for the government and not for individuals, which sounded like showboating to him at the time, but had his opinion expressed very strongly at the time.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Mr. Trump promised to build the wall, and the We’re Building the Wall campaign promised to use the funds raised to build part of that wall.

But Audrey Strauss, the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY), said: Bannon, along with Andrew Badolato, Brian Kolfage and Timothy Shea, created hundreds of thousands of donations to help finance the border wall.

The DoJ’s statement alleged that Mr. Bannon received more than $ 1 million through the nonprofit organization he leads but used thousands of dollars to cover his expenses.

The same statement said that Mr. Kolfage, founder of the We Build the Wall campaign, spent $ 350,000 on his expenses.

Ms. Strauss said that Kolfage, the founder and public face of a campaign to build the Mexican Wall, secretly planned to transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars to fund his lavish lifestyle, even after repeatedly reassuring donors that he was not to be paid scents.

Philip R. Bartlett, the SDNY inspector in charge, said Mr. Bannon and the three other defendants had created bogus bills and accounts to launder donations and cover up their crimes.

He added that it showed no consideration for the law or the truth and the case was intended to serve as a warning to other scammers that no one is above the law. She said the law should even exclude the disabled war veteran or a millionaire political strategist.

All four defendants are charged with a conspiracy to commit money laundering and a conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Each of these charges carries no more than 20 years in prison.

Mr. Bannon 66 is due to appear in a separate court in SDNY from Mr. Kolfage, and Mr. Badolato is due to appear in Florida while Mr. Shea is in Colorado.

The former advisor is now Trump’s sixth senior aid to be prosecuted. He adds to the list of former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, former lawyer Cohen, former deputy campaign manager Rick Gates, former national security adviser Michael Finn and veteran political operator Roger Stone.

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