Biden accuses Trump of cloaking the US in darkness

Biden accuses Trump of cloaking the US in darkness

Joe Biden, who will lead the Democratic Party in the upcoming US presidential election, has accused current President Donald Trump of cloaking America in darkness.

The former U.S. Vice President said Trump caused too much anger, too much fear and too much division.

 The 77-year-old, who, according to opinion polls, is entering the election campaign with clear leadership, was the keystone of a political career that spanned almost half a century with his speech.

It’s only been 73 days, the US knows its next president, and while it’s some time Trump can change the polls’ adage.

In the speech alleging what President Trump did to the United States, Mr Biden’s live speech was the grand finale of the four-day Democratic Party conference.

Unlike in this round, there was no balloon drop, as usual, no cheering crowds or other fanfares and razzamatazz of the typical American conference, as the current contagious pandemic was feared.

During the conference, the organizers instead opted for a virtual set of mostly recorded speeches of around two hours that were played every evening.

 And while speaking from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, the Democratic presidential candidate gave the floor to those who entrusted him with the presidency that he will deliver the best, not the worst.

 He added that he will be an ally of light, not darkness. He also said that it is the time for people to come together and not make a mistake, and when they are together they can overcome the period of darkness in America.

 Additionally, he said they will choose hope over fear, fact over fiction, and fairness over privilege. He made it clear that the character will not be on the ballot this November.

 Mr. Bidden went on to say that they can choose one way to become angrier, less hopeful, more divided, the way of shadow and distrust, or they can choose another way and share the chance to heal, reform and grow unite.

He vowed to heal a nation crippled by a contagious pandemic and economic catastrophe and marked by racial calculations. He added that what is known about the current president is that if he is given four more years, he will be what he was for the past four years.

Mr. Bidden accused Trump of taking no responsibility, refusing to lead, accusing others of snuggling up to dictators and igniting the flames of hatred and division.

He also referred to the current state of the pandemic in the country, saying the president has failed to fulfill his most basic duty to the nation to protect it.

 Many have said that the form of speech the Democratic candidate uses brings back memories of Warren G Harding.

In 1920 Harding used the slogan when campaigning for the presidency, the motive of which was to cool and heal Americans after World War I.

His sermon on healing, serenity, and restoration earned him the presidency and Biden also is expected to harvest the same.

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