Washington QB Alex Smith Returns to an NFL Field After a Life-Threatening Leg Fracture

Washington QB Alex Smith Returns to an NFL Field After a Life-Threatening Leg Fracture

Alex Smith’s comeback comes as a surprise to many because he is 36 years old, and also the fact that he was away for almost two years after a life-threatening infection following a compound leg fracture.

He is just one day away from return since Washington’s first practice is set for Tuesday.

Smith had to endure multiple surgeries to make this comeback possible in just a day when we can see him in full gear on the practice field. On Sunday, Washington activated Smith from the team’s physically unable to perform list giving him an ultimate chance once again to return to football activities.

The last time Smith was on the field, the world itself was not dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Luckily, the Washington QB will be able to grace the field one more time amid this pandemic.

During a broadcast on Monday, Smith talked of how he actually pushed to return, leaving many questions about why he would want a comeback after a lengthy leg injury.

Smith went on to say that in the NFL, he is an old guy to many because he is 36 years old with three little kids. But he is a dinosaur ready to live the rest of his life as he wishes. When asked about how his family felt, he added that it might sound crazy, but this comeback is solely meant for them.

He wants to play as a quarterback even though there are many other things; he can give a try in life. The only thing that has been on his mind for the last two years is to grace an NFL field.

November 2018 was a fateful month for Smith during a game against Houston Texans, where he suffered a compound leg fracture. He broke his tibia and fibula and later passed through 17 surgeries after getting an infection on the leg.

It was a flesh-eating bacterial infection that almost cost his leg, but with the help of a team of professional doctors, they were able to save his leg. And returning to an NFL field is a living testimony to Smith and the NFL fraternity.

After the surgeries, Smith went through rehabilitation or physical therapies to help in strengthening the leg.

Smith was very eager and happy on his return to the NFL. He stated that he was glad to have the opportunity to wear the jersey on the last two days, and he wants to go out there and take on that challenge.

He even talked of how hard it was to sleep at night, knowing very well that he won’t be returning on the field one more time.

Alex Smith, the former No.1 overall pick, has achieved significant milestones and earned millions while doing that. But this time, it’s all not about the money or lucrative checks, it’s about getting on an NFL field.

Nothing can stop him from proving himself now that he has a second chance to be on the ground as Washington’s quarterback.

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