Trump loses a 71-year-old younger brother

Trump loses a 71-year-old younger brother

President Donald Trump’s young brother Robert Trump was pronounced dead in New York hospital on Saturday. The president himself confirmed the death of his 71-year-old young brother in a statement.

The statement read how hard Trump shared the death of his wonderful brother Robert, who passed away peacefully the night before. Trump said Robert was not only his brother but also his best friend. The president added that his brother is greatly missed but they will meet again and his memory will live in Trump’s heart forever.

Mr. Trump last visited his brother in New York on Friday when he was on a mission to New Jersey that weekend.

Robert Trump was hospitalized in Manhattan at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Although details of Robert Trump’s illness are not yet publicly known, he is known to have been sick for several months, as CNN quoted by a person believed to have information.

During a briefing at the White House Friday, Trump declined to provide any information about his brother’s illness to reporters.

 And when he was prompted further by reporters about his brother, the US President said he was a wonderful brother, that they had a great relationship from day one, so long ago, and he was hospitalized.

He added that it was hopeful for his brother to be okay even though he found it difficult. Later that Friday, when he set out to visit his brother, Trump said he must be having a hard time.

In June, CNN reported that Robert Trump was hospitalized with an unknown serious illness. During his admission to Mount Sinai Hospital, he spent more than a week in intensive care.

 Mary Trump said in an interview that Robert had been hospitalized multiple times in the past three months.

Robert Trump was born in 1948 as one of the four siblings of current US President Donald Trump and the late Fred Trump. He was married to Ann Marie Pallan, whom they exchanged vows with earlier this year after divorcing Blain Trump. He lived in Millbrook, New York in the Hudson Valley.

Robert was Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization. During his tenure, he was responsible for management of the organization’s Atlantic City casinos.

Gwenda Blair, Trump’s family biographer, said that when Robert worked for the Trump organization he was very nice and he was one who was willingly able to step in if there was a problem.

He was a big supporter of his brother Donald. In 2016, when he was up for his first choice, Robert held a few events in Millbrook to raise funds for his brother’s presidential campaign.

Robert also made headlines in June when he temporarily filed an order halting the publication of an unflattering scrapbook written by Mary Trump, daughter of Fred Trump Jr.

In a statement released after the file was submitted, Robert said he was disappointed with Mary Trump’s move to publish the book, which provided details about Trump’s family, childhood, and upbringing.

Indeed, we have lost a wonderful brother to Trump.

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