Thousands volunteer to vaccination trials in COVID-19 hotspot Florida

Thousands volunteer to vaccination trials in COVID-19 hotspot Florida

Florida, which has registered over half a million COVID-19 cases with over 9,000 related deaths, is the second-largest state in terms of cases and deaths just behind California in the US.

While the country, like any other country that has registered the presence of this novel coronavirus, is waiting for an effective vaccine, some trials are taking place.

They hope what the Research Centers of America will complete and who is in the third phase of their development.

The RCA, a private center, is conducting a clinical trial in Hollywood, 25 miles north of Miami.

RCA is trying out six possible vaccines against Coronavirus. Two of them, manufactured by Moderna and Pfizer, are in phase three.

While Florida seems like the ideal location for such an attempt, residents have not disappointed either. It turned out that they took part in the experiments. Volunteers who came for an appointment were examined by a doctor, filled out a form, and then received the vaccine injection.

Experts said the volunteers might receive an experimental vaccine or just a placebo, as a control group needs to be reserved for the studies to establish a basis for comparison.

Moderna, a biotech company that has been operating for less than a decade, never managed to find a drug or vaccine. But now it’s the final phase of his COVID-19 vaccine trials since July 27th.

Pfizer, the US pharmaceutical company, announced on the same day, along with its German partner BioNTech, that the BNT162b2 vaccine it was working on is also making progress in phases two and three.

The vaccine trials are expected to be conducted on around 30,000 volunteers at dozen research centers across the country.

More focus will be on California, Florida, and Texas, the states that have recorded higher numbers of cases in the United States.

Volunteers are booking an appointment through a website and then wait for the clinic to call for a visit. Registration was open to everyone without restrictions.

Sanchez Crespo, who expects to receive hundreds of volunteers in the coming weeks, said that each attempt is aimed at different things and they want different groups.

She added that the research center is looking for healthy people, first aiders like doctors, nurses and firefighters, and people who work in airports and restaurants as these people have a lot of contacts.

She also said there is an urgent need for those classified as high risk because of their underlying medical problems such as COPD, asthma, and diabetes.

The US is expecting a conclusion not only from Moderna and Pfizer but also from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, who are also in Phase 3 studies with their developed COVID-19 vaccine. There are also two more in China that are at the same stage.

Russia is just the world country that has announced that the COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik, which has been working on, of which its leader, President Vladimir announced it showed the capability to offer sustained immunity.

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