Thousands of Lebanese protest against security forces

Thousands of Lebanese protest against security forces

A few days after a devastating explosion in Beirut, the capital of Belarus, thousands gathered to protest against Lebanese security forces. The anti-government demonstrations began on Thursday the same week of incidence.

it was an incident that shocked the world and Officials in Lebanon said the explosion came from 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate that has been unsafely stored since 2013.

Though, many have wondered where such tons of ammonium nitrate comes from and why it was stored in the port.

According to a source,, the tons of Moldovan-flagged ships sailing from Georgia to Mozambique ended their voyage at the port of Beirut after a technical problem.

According to the report, the ammonium nitrate was safely stored in a warehouse in the port.

While the compound is primarily used to make fertilizers, it can also be used to make explosives, and there are rules for storage such as Fire protection, as it is so highly explosive in contact with flames.

The chief customs officer and port chief claimed they had written several to the judiciary requesting the export or sale of this dangerous chemical.
Hassan Koraytem, ​​the port’s general manager, said he was aware that the chemical was very risky when the court first ordered storage in the port. However, he made it clear that he did not expect the risk to existing to such an extent.

This has angered many Lebanese, who spoke out in large numbers against the security forces near Parliament. The security staff reacted with tear-gassing.

The blast killed over 137 people, injured more than 5,000 and left around 3,000 people homeless after entire districts in the capital were destroyed and homes and businesses were reduced to rubble. It is still expected that further injuries and deaths will have to be confirmed. The government is responsible for their negligence.

The incidence has put some top officials under pressure, while others have resigned. Members who stepped down included MP Marwan Hamadeh, who resigned last week, and Ambassador Tracy Chamoun, who resigned the same week.

Pressure continues to mount after President Emmanuel Macrons’ speech stated that a profound change in authorities was needed.

With or without investigation, changes and reforms in the handling of dangerous substances, Lebanon will have lost one of its important ports.
About 80% of its grain comes through the port and it will have a huge impact on the many silos that were built back then.

Lebanon also imports most of its food. With large amounts of the grain stored in the port destroyed, there are now worries that the nation will have a food insecurity problem. The future of the port itself is also in doubt.
Now, Beirut hospitals are feeling the strain of so many people in need of medical care.

Hamad Hassan, the health Minister said the Lebanese health sector did not have enough beds and the necessary equipment that is needed in treating those in critical condition.

Beirut’s Governor Marwan Aboud also warned that people had been left homeless as a result of the explosion.

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