NFL Opt-Out Deadline is Set for Thursday

NFL Opt-Out Deadline is Set for Thursday

Finally, the doubts are fading slowly as we close-up to the 2020 season’s start amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Not forgetting what has been happening lately in the NFL league, with many players opting out of the 2020 season.

The NFL has given an official deadline to the players wishing to opt-out of the 2020 season, and they must do so by Thursday at 4 p.m. E.T.

On Monday, more than 4.7 million confirmed cases of the COVID-19, and nearly 156000 deaths attributed to it in the United States. Creating more scare to the players and their family health concerns as the 2020 season before the training camp start.

The NFL and the NFLPA agreed to a plan that allows players to opt-out of the 2020 season if they wished to and felt uncomfortable with the COVID-19 health protocols.

The players who choose to opt-out voluntarily will receive a $150000 stipend from the league. And if they accepted credit from being selected in the 2020 NFL Draft or playing in the 2019 season, players can opt-out while maintaining their healthcare benefits.

The players who opt-out due to being at higher risk will receive a $350000 stipend. The difference between those who opt-out voluntarily and higher risk players is that the volunteer will qualify for a salary advance while the higher risk will not, with undrafted rookies getting nothing.

The high-risk players are those who have been diagnosed with a medical condition. Players also can opt-out later in the season in the case of a family becomes sick.

The NFL also set two exceptions on how players can opt-out of the 2020 season even after the Thursday deadline. As follows;

  • If a player’s family member is hospitalized or is taken to a medical facility or a family member dies due to COVID-19 or a related condition.
  • If it happens, a new diagnosis reveals that the player has a high-risk status.

So far, 45 players have already opted out of the 2020 season by either voluntarily or being at high-risk.

The NFL recently created the COVID-19 reserve list to allow teams to quarantine players who either test positive or come in close contact with a carrier of coronavirus. The list includes players who test positive for the coronavirus or who have been in contact with infected persons or persons and are in quarantine.

Over 75 players are already in the COVID-19 reserve list, respectively, in their team’s infectious disease emergency response plan. As per the agreement upon the NFL-NFLPA policy, the team will be mandated to ensure all its players undergo a COVID-19 test.

Moreover, teams are not permitted to comment on the player’s medical status or disclose whether a player is in quarantine or tested positive for COVID-19. Let’s remember to keep distance, wear a mask, and sanitize our hands whenever we go outside, to curb the spread of the virus in our midst, which has proven to be deadly despite the government many measures set in response to safeguarding the life of its citizens.

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