Trump claims the U.S. has control of COVID-19

Trump claims the U.S. has control of COVID-19

US President Donald Trump said in a comprehensive interview that the COVID-19 situation in the country is under control.

In the same interview that was aired HBO’s Axios show, the president also downplayed the legacy of the late Congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis.

As Trump continued to advance the situation, he admitted that people are dying from the virus, but added that they did everything possible to control the situation as best as possible.

The president added that those who understand will confirm that they have done an incredible job.

Although Trump claims that the COVID-19 situation is under control across the country, the U.S. has reported the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths than any other country in the world.

Over 4,875,680 cases with 159,408 deaths were reported in the country, and Trump claimed the death toll was proportional to the number of confirmed cases.

He also argued that the situation should not be characterized by the total population.

When asked whether it is certainly relevant to statistically equate the deaths with the population, the President replied that the cases must be complied with.

When asked about the legacy of Lewis and how he will be remembered, the President instead mentioned the Congressman’s decision not to attend his 2017 inauguration ceremony.

Lewis, a U.S. Congress representative and civil rights activist, was instrumental in the adoption of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. He died of pancreatic cancer and is said to be laid in the U.S. capital.

But Trump said he didn’t know John Lewis and didn’t know him. He added that Lewis chose not to attend his inauguration.

Trump did not even visit the Lewis Memorial, which took place on July 28, but his Vice President Mike Pence, who once served with Lewis in the representative’s house was present.

When asked by Swan if he found Lewis impressive, Trump said he couldn’t say either way and added that he was impressive to many and as well not impressive to many. He also stressed that he had not participated in his inauguration or speeches on the state of the Union, but made it clear that this was fine and his right not to do so.

But the president said Lewis was such a person who put a lot of energy and heart into civil rights, even though others did the same.

Earlier in an interview in weeks of unrest atmosphere that emerged in the United States after the death of George Floyd, a black American, the president said he had done more for black Americans than anyone else.

In the same interview, the president expressed further skepticism about the increased use of postal ballots for the upcoming presidential election, saying that the election results could be decided two months later as they will be delayed.

He said that a lot of things can happen amid these expected delays, especially in a confined space.

However, he has not proven this and has stated that postal voting will lead to widespread election fraud.

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