Beirut’s explosion leaves many dead and wounded

Beirut’s explosion leaves many dead and wounded

Two explosions have left many people dead and dozens injured in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. In various footages distributed on social media platforms, many injured have been seen on the streets, and others covered with drops of blood have been rushed to be hospitalized.

While the whole world is now concerned with the cause of the explosion, there have been contradictory and vague initial explanations.

Most of the footage distributed on social media platforms appear to begin with the aftermath of the first two explosions.

In most videos, smoke is first seen from a tall building that appears to be on fire. A series of white flashes can be seen below the main cloud of dark smoke.

One explanation referred to the white flashes as exploding fireworks from a stored cache that was consumed by the fire. Another possible explanation was that ammunition was burned and later hit or destroyed.

While the explosions took place in two rounds, the second was even more puzzling. Earlier it was said that it was created after the explosion of stored nitrate, but the Lebanese chief of internal security said it was a result of highly explosive material, even without going into detail.

Ammonium nitrate is one of the most common nitrates used in industry, but not as explosive as in the video. Although it is said to have been used to make home-made explosives like the IRA and right-wing extremist Norwegian terrorist, it needs to be mixed with other materials first, and its detonation requires a small amount of a more conventional explosive.

Moreover, the video shows that the second explosion is a highly asymmetrical explosion that suddenly occurred near the ground, whirled up a dust wall, and then clouded into the air at tremendous speed.

This implies that a large amount of energy was released, which in turn created a devastating blast that carried debris over at least a kilometer.

So it shouldn’t be said that it was a terrible accident where the circumstances happened to coincide.

Meanwhile, the governor of Beirut, Marwan Abboud, arrived at the site of the explosion and burst into tears when speaking to reporters.

He initially said he went there to look for firefighters who had a duty to fight the fire, but they are nowhere to be seen.

The governor added that the incidence reminded him of the Japanese Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidence. He said, had never seen an explosion of this size, breadth, and catastrophe before.

Also, he said it was a national disaster and now a problem for Lebanon and was skeptical of how it would result.

Lebanese Interior Minister Mohammed Fehmi has also shown his surprise and supported the earlier statement that the explosion was caused by ammonium nitrate.

Israel, which is more connected to the explosion, has denied. The officials said that Israel has nothing to do with the incident.

Georges Kettaneh, the red cross official was quoted saying that there are hundreds of causalities as well as many deaths.

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