UK to conduct rapid COVID-19 tests

UK to conduct rapid COVID-19 tests

One of the key aspects of fighting COVID-19 that has dominated the world is effectively testing, tracking, and isolating the cases.

The UK, one of the countries where the VICTORY to the virus has not yet been reached and has already been confirmed in 304,495 cases with 46,201 deaths, has taken another step and is expected to introduce COVID-19 rapid tests that deliver results within 90 minutes.

This will an upgrade from the current testing system which requires hours and even up to days in other countries to reveal the results.

The country’s health minister said that starting next week laboratories, nursing homes, and hospitals will have access to around 5.8 million test kits.

The benefits of the new COVID-19 rapid test kits to be introduced do not require medical training to manage them. This implies that they can be used in non-clinical environments.

This also implies that current testing capacity across the country will increase significantly and would help control and suppress the spread of the virus in communities amid the coming cold season.

Health minister Matt Hancock said the tests will not only detect COVID-19 but will also detect flue and will be particularly beneficial when the country goes into winter, where many people are at risk from the cold.

By September, approximately 5,000 DNA analyzers for collected nose swabs test would be distributed to government hospitals across the country.

Chris Toumazou, CEO and co-founder of DnaNudge, the manufacturer of these rapid DNA-based test kits and associated machines, said they have successfully adapted to their DNA testing technology for in-store consumers, identifying the risks to chronic patients related to diseases Type 2 diabetes and obesity. He added that they validated it to test and detect COVID-19.

Oxford Nanopore CEO Gordon Sanghera said the group was honored to participate in the fight against coronavirus in the country and prepare it for the coming winter when the virus is expected to grow.

He added that since Oxford Nanopore was founded, his mission has been to create high-performance, disruptive technologies that have profound, positive impacts on society.

The LamPORE has the potential to provide a highly effective and critically accessible global test solution not only for COVID-19 but also for the range of other pathogens.

He was pleased to work with the UK government to support and empower the community to effectively manage tests at national and local levels.

As of next week, around half a million new swab tests identified as LamPORE will be used in geriatric care centers and laboratories, and millions more will be used later in the year.

The UK has been one of the most hit nations across Europa coming third in several confirmed cases and toping in death tolls. In these higher cases, the health system was particularly stressed during the peak of the pandemic.

The publicly-funded National Health Service (NHS) said it would offer coronavirus-friendly treatments for cancer patients separately. They will give drugs that do not have a major impact on the immune system.

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