Leaked data shows Iran covering up COVID-19 deaths

Leaked data shows Iran covering up COVID-19 deaths

The world has not yet seen the behind of the highly contagious virus that has killed over 693,957 people after 18,298,776 infections. Various nations around the world are still reporting record cases, while others are announcing their victories against this COVID-19, which has been an enemy of the economy.

In Iran, one of the countries still struggling with this world pandemic, it has become known that its government is covering up all of COVID-19’s deaths. It has become known that the death toll is almost three times as high as the government has confirmed.

Official government data shows that as of August 3, 17,405 people died from COVID-19. However, an anonymous source found that by July 20, around 42,000 people had died from symptoms related to COVID-19.

The source has also shown that the overall infection doubles, which the Ministry of Health has confirmed. Across the country, 312,035 cases were confirmed at the time of writing, but the source says there are approximately 451,024 cases.

Irrespective of whether its government hushed up, Iran remains the most affected country in the Middle East, and the country has reported a sharp increase in cases over the past few weeks.

The first official COVID-19 death was reported on February 19. However, the source shows that the first death was on January 22nd. This is almost a month before the Iranian Ministry of Health confirmed the first official case, and there were approximately 52 deaths in between.

Many people have doubted Iranian government data on COVID-19 since the first case in the country was confirmed. The national official numbers contradict those at the regional level, with locals talking about it and statisticians trying to offer an alternative estimate.

While the enumeration is still a major problem in combating this novel coronavirus, many countries have found their hands short when testing, but the leaked information, which was initially confirmed by the BBC, shows that the Iranian government deliberately under-confirmed the cases.

The source covered data from daily hospitalizations across the country, showing name, age and gender, symptoms, date and length of hospital stay, and the underlying conditions that COVID-19 patients had.

They claim that they leaked the data to end the Iranian government’s political games over the pandemic by shedding light on the truth.

The leaked data shows that Tehran, the capital of Iran, tops the number of deaths from COVID-19 or similar symptoms, with around 8,120 deaths.
The city of Qom, which was originally the hot spot of the virus, is still proportionally worst with 1,419 deaths, and 1,916 foreigners across the country have also died from the virus.

However, the overall trend claimed by the source is similar to the official reports but only differs in size.

Doctors with direct knowledge have claimed that official data from the Ministry of Health are due to pressure from security and intelligence agencies in Iran. A doctor even confirmed that the Ministry denied what was publicly confirmed.

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