Twitter bans rapper Wiley’s account in Campaign Against Antisemitism

Twitter bans rapper Wiley’s account in Campaign Against Antisemitism

Anti-Semitism is a hateful ideology where you have to make sure that the perpetrator is brought to justice if you have seen it or been a victim. While many across the UK have been victims, many do not let the perpetrators on trial, perhaps because they don’t understand how the law covers it, while others do not know how the authorities can deal with it.

Throughout the UK there have been voluntary and charitable anti-Semitism campaigns focused on countering incidents by educating people.

The anti-Semitism campaign is very important in Britain as it was one of the best countries in the world to be Jewish in, and it should remain that way.

While the country has started to tip, anti-Semitism must be met with zero tolerance so that British Jews do not question their place in their own country.

According to statistics, 80% of British Jews believe that recent political events have increased hostility to Jews, and 42% have considered leaving the country for anti-Semitism and 85% for anti-Semitism in the past two years, while 26% believe the prosecutor is doing enough to protect the Jewish community.

Social media has also joined anti-Semitism campaigns by blocking temporarily or permanently accounts which encourages such an ideology.

Twitter is the latest social media platform to support the campaign by permanently blocking the account of Wiley, a high-profile British rapper who with series of posts appears to be the promoter of the ideology. They also came with an apology for slowly responding to a number of anti-Jewish messages released last week.

Twitter is not just the platform to block rapper accounts. Instagram, one of the social media platforms for photo sharing, also blocked Wiley’s account last Friday and is said to remain effective for seven days.

Although some of the news he released earlier that day remained readable for several hours and was criticized across the UK, it led politicians, celebrities, and other high-profile personalities to launch a 48-hour Twitter boycott on Monday.

In its official statement, Twitter said that, after further investigation, they blocked the account in question for repeated violations of their hateful behavior guidelines.

They added that clear, hateful behavior had no place in their ministry and strongly condemned anti-Semitism. They also apologized for not moving faster and continued to assess the situation internally.

On Tuesday, Facebook and Instagram published their statements that they also ban Wiley’s account.

In addition, the British police have shown that they are supporting the campaign by declaring that they are investigating Wiley’s statements on all of his accounts on all social media platforms.

The campaign against the anti-Semitism group welcomed the news that Twitter supported the ban on Wiley’s account, but added that they were moving too slowly and too late. They added that it is at least a start for the social network.

Wiley is the stage name of Richard Cowie, one of the pioneer rappers not only across the UK but also to the entire world.

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