Lamar Jackson ranked the Number 1 in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2020

Lamar Jackson ranked the Number 1 in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2020

Lately, there has been a lot going on through the NFL league with some players opting out of 2020 season amid COVID-19 pandemic concerns as Viking Infection Control Officer and athletic trainer tested positive for COVID-19.

We witnessed history in the making when the 2018 MVP Patrick Mahomes signed the largest contract in the history of the sport, and if that’s not all, the NFL offered the NFLPA a zero-preseason game in 2020 season, which they accepted.

The biggest story in the NFL that was talked about for weeks came from Washington Football Team, formerly known as Washington Redskins. When pressure mounted for the franchise owner to have the name retired, and for years since he bought the club, he maintained never to change the name.

But the murder of George Floyd in the custody of police officers in Minnesota in May ignited a wide range of anger and condemnation. Many people of all different class, ethnicity, religion, and walk of life, heartily detested the brutality against the black people leading to protests worldwide. And it led to a lot of changes in the NFL and other institutions in the United States.

Baffling was the NFL Annual top 100 list with many in dismay after Lamar Jackson getting the Number 1 spot as Patrick Mahomes settled for Number 4. However, others saw it egregiously bad, while others considered it not a mistake spiking a debate of the list.

For instance, previous season Jackson was tremendously in the form with his performance while Mahomes is seen as a franchise builder. Mahomes led the Kansas City Chief to their first championship in 50 years and won Super Bowl MVP. In comparison, Jackson’s Baltimore Ravens lost their first playoff game.

Quarterback Lamar Jackson broke the record by becoming the youngest player to win MVP at 22 years, 358 days old. And he is the 1st player in NFL history with 2500+ pass yds and 1000+ rush yds in a season.

He has done it again by becoming the youngest player to finish atop the NFL Top 100. To clinch the Number 1 spot, Jackson had to beat out the reigning Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, and Aaron Donald for the spot.

Many people doubted Jackson’s capability as he entered the 2018 NFL Draft, mentioning he had nothing to offer and what it took to play as Quarterback at the NFL level.

And now at just 23-years old, he has accomplished a lifetime of accolades with the remaining goal on his mind, is to win the Super Bowl, which he has stated multiple times that he desires the most.

The Number 1 in the NFL Top 100 Players of 2020, is a definition of hard work and believing in oneself despite people doubting you. So, let us learn not to be quick to judge and appreciate each other despite color, ethnicity, background, or religion. Remember to keep a distance, wear a mask, and sanitize your hands whenever you go out.

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