Republicans oppose postponing elections

Republicans oppose postponing elections

Trump had previously released a series of tweets that suggested pushing the voting dates for the upcoming presidential election because of alleged fraud concerns. But the top Republicans have rejected the proposal.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader and Leader of the Minority, rejected the idea.

In the current American Constitution, the President has no authority to change voting dates, and only the Congress House has such authority. A constitutional amendment will also be required, which is a process.

The presidential election is scheduled for the first Tuesday of November this year. Any change must be made first and approved by Congress and the Senate. Some of the Democrats who control the House of Representatives have stated that they will not support postponing voting dates.

While the president suggested in a number of his tweets that more postal voting offers room for fraud and foreign intervention, this can be true to some extent.

The system has been used in several states, which has had results in some cases and has been catastrophic in some cases.

The system has recently been in operation during their candidate’s primary democratic poll in New York last June. However, the system proved to be an unreliable method of voting because of delays and the results have not yet been published.

The American media has also expressed some concerns that the postal vote most favored by many Americans today for fear of this highly contagious virus that is shaking the world will have so many gaps. They say that many ballots might go un-counted because will not bear postmarks indicating whether they were sent before, within, or after the official voting dates.

One post related to U.S. postal workers who claimed it was a challenge to deliver the ballot on time due to Trump’s administration’s cost-cutting measures.

And president, was right to float a delay in voting dates until when people could be able to vote properly, securely and safely.

Although the US president has denied that he wanted to postpone the election dates. At the press conference at the White House on Thursday afternoon, the president added that more postal voting would cast doubt on the results.

In his speech, the President said that he did not want to delay the election, but wanted the election. But he made it clear that he didn’t want to hold out for three months and later realized that all the ballots were missing and the election meant nothing.

The president added that he did not want to see crooked elections and that the election would be the most rigged election in history.

But now he’s facing opposition from Republicans who have expressed their different opinions.

Senator McConnell said the US presidential election has not been delayed in US history. The senator was quoted at the local Kentucky station and said that elections in US history have never been delayed even in wars or in depression. These claims have also been confirmed by Mr. McCarthy.

Even Trump’s ally Senator, Lindsay Graham, doesn’t see the essence of delaying the election.

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