Trump proposes to postpone the general election

Trump proposes to postpone the general election

With the US presidential election now a few months ahead, US President Donald Trump, who is seeking re-election, has proposed the delay.

The president says more of postal voting could allow fraud that will lead to inaccurate results. He suggests that the dates be moved until when people can vote correctly, safely, and securely.

While there is little proof of this, the President claims that this remains a challenge to the usual way of voting amid the highly contagious coronavirus, which killed over 154,364 people across the country after 4,590,809 infections.

Perhaps the mail-in poll, which is now the only way, is more vulnerable and, according to Donald Trump, is much exposed to fraud. However, according to the current U.S. Constitution, No U.S. president including Donald Trump is not authorized to delay the general election and the congress is which has the power to postpone or change voting dates.

For Trump, who after a series of tweets stating that general mail-in voting would mean the upcoming general election, be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in US history, and a great embarrassment for the country, he will now rely on both congress houses to make an impact.

He also said that the Democrats were so concerned about foreign influence in the upcoming elections, but they know that postal voting will create an easy way for foreign countries to participate in the race.

Mr. Trump claimed that the postal voting system had already proven to be a catastrophic disaster in states where it was used, which appears to be correct.

In June, the system was used in New York during the primary democratic election for the party’s presidential candidate and showed delays in ballot counting. The results have not yet been published.

If this is going to be the same approach in upcoming presidential elections, there are also apprehensions about delays, and many ballots may not be counted because there may not be postmarks indicating whether they were sent before or after the official voting dates.

Although some states have used and operated the system, the president must also know that the tweets could trigger a firestorm, especially after repeatedly refusing to say whether he would accept a negative outcome in the November presidential election.

The present seems to be working hard lately to undermine the integrity of the upcoming elections, in which several Americans support postal voting for fear of the highly contagious coronavirus. He has repetitively made incorrect claims about how vulnerable mail-in-voting will be to fraud, and many have criticized that he may lay the groundwork for contesting the results if this does not work in his favor.

Some top personalities in the U.S. have responded to Trump’s claims. One of them is the US federal election commission’s chairwoman, Ellen Weintraub who voiced her opinion that Trump was not authorized to postpone the election dates and, alternatively should direct more funds to states so that they could ensure safe elections for all Americans.

Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said they want an election they all trust, and Raja Krishnamoorthi, the Illinois Congressman said the election would go ahead as planned, regardless of the president’s conspiracy theories.

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