Trump’s advisor tests positive for coronavirus

Trump’s advisor tests positive for coronavirus

Worldwide, over 16.52 million cases with 653,000 deaths have been confirmed. The United States is the world leader with over 4.39 cases and 149,000 deaths. While the country is fighting the virus-like any other country in the world, some of its public figures have tested positive for the virus.

Robert O’Brien, 54, a national security advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, is the latest top figure to test positive for COVID-19. Mr. O’Brien, who is now the highest-ranking official in the current Trump administration to test positive for COVID-19, is self- isolating and working from home.

While he is operating from a safe location outside the site the National Security Council’s work continues uninterrupted.

Robert is a lawyer by profession and has worked as a diplomat for both Republicans and Democrats for a long time. He replaced John Bolton as a national security advisor last September. It was said that he was selected after Mr. Bolton went into violent clashes with the President.

As a lawyer, he has worked on several high profile legal cases and has previously. Also, has held various positions in the State Department, including in 2005 as an alternate representative of the United States General Assembly.

In his current advisory role, Mr. O’Brien shared several similar views with Mr. Trump, including criticism of the United Nations and opposition to the Iranian nuclear deal.

A White House statement confirming the message said that Mr. Brien had mild symptoms. It was also confirmed that there was no risk of exposure to Mr. Trump or his Vice President Mike Pence.

It was not confirmed when they last met, but an official said it was for several days. They were last seen together on a trip to Miami two weeks ago.

Mr. Obrien’s last official trip to Paris this month was to discuss foreign policy issues with European colleagues. His public speech took place in Arizona when he compared Chinese President Xi Jimping to Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in June.

The news came as a surprise to some of his colleagues who said they learned about the news from social media on Monday.

A source reported that the security adviser has not been in his office for a week and has become infected with the virus after a family event. As usual, everyone close to the President has been regularly tested for the virus and a number tested positive. Mr. Brien added to the list, which included the Vice President’s secretary, Katie Miller.

Larry Kudlow, a senior White House economic advisor, suggested that Robert probably got the virus from his college-age daughter.

During an argument with reporters in the White House, Kudlow was sad to see that O’Brien’s daughter tested positive for the virus and was probably transmitted to her father.

The news that Obrien has tested positive comes as the U.S. president presses for reopening of educational institutions, including colleges and universities, in the fall, despite the risk of COVID-19 spreading during the learning sessions.

Regardless, some health professionals have warned of the risk of transmission of COVID-19 among college students that can spread to their vulnerable family members.

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