Washington NFL franchise to be called “Washington Football Team” as a temporary name

Washington NFL franchise to be called “Washington Football Team” as a temporary name

Formerly known as Washington Redskins for over 87 years, since it was founded. The team dropped the controversial name on July 13 following immense pressure from its major investors who threatened to withdraw their support from the team if the name wasn’t changed.

On July 2, pressure mounted for Washington to retire the Redskins when FedEx threatened to remove its signage from the stadium if the name wasn’t changed by the 2021 season. In 1998, FedEx signed a 27-year naming rights deal worth $205. 

Not forgetting the CEO and owner of the FedEx company Fredrick W. Smith is a minority shareholder in the Washington franchise since 2003. But the main shareholders with 60% is Snyder together with his sister and mother.

All this was triggered by the death of George Floyd in may while in the police custody in Minneapolis. Which led to a widespread of protesters across the world, condemning the act as inhuman and calling out justice and the opportunity to pressure team owner Daniel Snyder represented itself. 

Without any doubt it was successful, and it’s a new era for the team because, on Thursday, the team announced that it would be called “Washington Football Team” for now in 2020 season as they continue figuring out its permanent team name. 

But it will not change its colour scheme; it will use burgundy and gold. At the same time, the logo on the helmet will be replaced by each player’s number in gold. The debut of its home uniforms will be revealed when they face eagles in week one and its road uniforms when they go against the Arizona Cardinals in week 2.

Washington Football Team isn’t the final renaming and rebranding for the team; this is the name that it will use for the moment until they find a new name at some point. However, the 2020 season will give the players, alumni, sponsors, fans and the community a chance to give their feedback on a suitable name for the team to use in the future.

Starting on Friday, the team will begin dropping its former branding throughout team properties, both digital and physical, by the start of the regular season.

There have been suggestions for the team name like Warriors, Redtail, Hogs, General and Renegades. But who knows, they might adopt the name Washington Football Team.

Finally, the battle is over after years of years to have the team drop the controversial name Redskins, which its previous owner and current owner countless times defiled to adhere to calls from many people to change the name citing it was racial.

Now, lets us focus ahead with optimism that good readings with following the team after its adopted name for 2020 season as we look forward to the permanent name of the team come 2021 season. And amid the COVID-19 pandemic that the 2020 season will kick-off without surging of the coronavirus among the coaches, players, rookies and the entire NFL fraternity.

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