China instructs the US to close Chengdu consulate

China instructs the US to close Chengdu consulate

In a move called retaliation for Washington’s order to close China’s Houston consulate, Beijing ordered the United States to close the consulate in the southwestern city of Chengdu.

In response, the Chinese State Department released a statement on Friday that the move was a legitimate and necessary response to the inappropriate measures imposed by the United States.

The statement added that the current situation between China-US relations is not what Beijing wants to see and that the US is held responsible.

With the same statement, Beijing urged the United States to immediately withdraw its wrong decision and create the conditions necessary to restart bilateral relations.

These countermeasures are being observed amid a dramatic escalation in tensions between these world’s largest economies. It got worse when Washington ordered 72 hours on Tuesday to shut down its consulate in the city of Houston, Texas. The US took the step after accusing China of stealing intellectual property and espionage, an allegation that China termed malicious slander.

These two countries were also in war of words on various issues ranging from the new COVID 19 pandemic to trade and business practices. The two most recent steps by both countries are now a blow to their bilateral relations.

It is estimated that approximately 200 employees, including 50 U.S. officials, work at the Chengdu consulate and have been one of the key interception posts for the United States. And if it was closed, it will be difficult to undo.

On Thursday, US Secretary of State, Mr. Mike Pompeo’s keynote speech pursued a new goal in Beijing, declaring that Washington and its allies must change to more creative and assertive methods to urge the Chinese Communist Party to change its behavior.

During a lecture at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California, MR. Pompeo said he was concerned about what Nixon did when he opened the world to China’s Communist Party in the 1970s, which was prophetic.

Pompeo said President Nixon once said that he was afraid that he had created a Frankenstein by opening the world to the CCP, and here we are. He added that the truth is that politics and other free nations have revived China’s declining economy just to see Beijing tame the international hands that feed it.

He went on to say that the freedom-loving nations of the world must make China change in a more creative and assertive way because Beijing’s actions threaten people and prosperity.

The speech was sharply criticized by Beijing. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Pompeo’s speech suggests he wants to start a new crusade against China in a globalized world. By tweeting, he added that what Pompeo is doing is as futile as an ant trying to shake a tree.

Also on Thursday, the U.S. Department of Justice announced that the Chinese consulate in San Francisco is home to one Chinese researcher named Tang Juan, who was blamed for not telling the truth about her relations in the military wing of the Communist Party on a visa application.

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