NFLPA accepts an offer from NFL of zero preseason games in 2020

NFLPA accepts an offer from NFL of zero preseason games in 2020

A lot has changed since the outbreak of coronavirus, leading to countless meetings between the NFL and NFLPA in response to keep the 2020 season going.

The NFL has been adamant about having the 2020 season kick-off scheduled with unwavering support from the NFL team owners. For the past few days, there was dismay and confusion following the NFL announcement to push the opening of camps while still locked up in talks with NFLPA.

The move led to a wide social media blitz by players who shared their views in particular about their well-being and safety of their loved ones after resuming to training camps. COVID-19 is airborne, transmitted to one person to another through coughing, hugging, kissing, and touching contaminated surfaces. 

No wonder after easing lockdown measures by different states has led to the re-surging of the virus, many new cases being reported sky rocking the numbers of COVID-19 patients being admitted to hospitals. And the virus isn’t only attacking the older people but also the young ones, so don’t be fooled that you can’t get it because you are below 50-years of age.

On Monday, both the NFL and NFLPA agreed to have daily testing of players across all teams for at least the first two training camp weeks. And this bared fruit because on Tuesday, the NFLPA, confirmed that 95 players league-wide had contracted the coronavirus following tests taken.

They also approved the Infectious Disease Emergency Respond plans for 8 of the league’s club and insisted they were working on the other remaining 24 teams IDER. But the huge step made was the offer to have zero preseason games, which the NFLPA gladly accepted after the NFLPA called on the cancellation of the preseason following the NFL’s announcement to cut the preseason in half from 4 games to 2 games. 

That means no watching preseason NFL games this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic and disheartening for the sports fans because it is a staple for the summer, which mainly takes place in August. 

And not having the preseason could lead to some early-season rust for teams, especially combined with the offseason programs being eliminated, but luckily for the players, they will still get acclimated.

With more than 7 weeks remaining for the start of the regular season, the NFL will have to be readily equipped for any outcome on the way to ensuring a 2020 season. And they don’t intend to place coaches, players, and other personnel inside a dangerous environment to conduct a season amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NFL and NFLPA will continue with the talks as there are many proposals to be discussed, and we hope whether there will be a season or not; the important thing is that all of us remain safe from this deadly COVID-19. Remember to keep distance, wear a mask, and sanitize your hands whenever you go out, and if it is possible to work from home, then the better.

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