The ISC report reveals UK underestimated the Russian threat

The ISC report reveals UK underestimated the Russian threat

The long-awaited report by the intelligence and security committee, which was supposed to investigate Russian activities in Britain, has shown that the Russian government has underestimated the Russian threat.

The report also states that the UK government has greatly underestimated the required response and is catching up where it needs to take immediate action. The British government had made no effort to investigate Russia’s interference in the EU referendum.

However, the Russian Foreign Ministry has called the report Russophobia.

The ISC investigation report covered several topics, including disinformation campaigns, cyber tactics, and Russian expatriates in the UK. Some parts of the report are highly sensitive and have not been released due to concerns that Russia might use them as evidence of the UK threat.

The committee claimed that Russian influence in Britain was now the new normal and that Britain was only a top Western intelligence target for the state behind the United Nations and the United States.

Stewart Hosie, a member of the committee, told reporters that the government has turned its eyes off the ball because it has focused on counter-terrorism. He added that the government had greatly underestimated the response to the Russian threat and was still playing the catch-up process.

The report also criticized intelligence agencies for failing to take any action during the EU referendum, despite credible open-source comments pointing to Russian campaigns to influence the Scottish independence referendum in 2014.

The UK government was late in recognizing the extent of the threat that Russia could pose after the so-called hack-and-leak operation against the Democrats in the 2016 US election.

The committee claimed that if the relevant parts of the intelligence services had carried out a similar threat analysis prior to the EU referendum, it was unimaginable that they would not have come to the same conclusion as the Russian intention, which may have prompted them to take protective measures to seize the process.

The report also says that social media companies hold the key and still don’t play their role and that the government should name and shame those who don’t act.

Mr. Hosie also said that no one in the government wanted to address the problem of Russian interference in a 10-foot pole election.

He told reporters that the report revealed that no one in the government knew whether Russia was interfering in the referendum or trying to influence it because they did not want to know.

Foreign minister Dominic Raab later said at a press conference that the government had categorically rejected the allegation and said it was a committee member’s comment.

The government also rejected the committee’s request for intelligence agencies to fully assess Russia’s possible interference in the 2016 referendum, saying it had “seen no evidence of successful interference.”

This report may not meet the expectations of some, but it is still harmful.

Many expected the committee to answer the question of whether political events such as Brexit were disrupted.

Instead, it was said that the problem was that the government and the spy agencies had not even examined the issue.

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