New Executive order will see New York Giants, and Jets play in an empty stadium without fans

New Executive order will see New York Giants, and Jets play in an empty stadium without fans

The COVID-19 pandemic seems to be here to stay for some time now, following many contingency plans across the world by governing bodies. Every time after easing of lockdown, we witness re-surge of the coronavirus despite sticking to restriction measures provided to us in a way to curb the spread of the deadly respiratory virus.

In the United States, we are experiencing spiking rates of COVID-19 across the states, forcing President Trump to wear a mask in public despite his strong opposition to wearing masks for months since the beginning of the outbreak coronavirus.

The impact is undeniable. It’s evident in the world of sports in a way the industry has never witnessed before, with many professional sports halting their 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some international games have already resumed but in a new fashion of restarting play in front of empty stadiums.

The trend is following suit in the NFL with the Giants and Jets merely being the first to announce that there won’t be fans at MetLife Stadium. But at the moment, we wonder and wait on the NFL to see how it will go about handling the situation.

As other teams await to find out if fans will be allowed, and how many, as the season draws closer, it will depend on states. For the New York Giants and Jets, they are indeed following the new executive orders from Governor Phil Murphy, which restricted public gatherings. The clubs welcomed the initiative by giving out a joint statement acknowledging there will be no fans allowed at MetLife Stadium for their games until circumstances changes.

They will join other sports like MLB who are prepared to play without fans and NBA also without fans in its Orlando bubble. But it won’t be awkward guessing? Because soccer leagues like English Premier League have done it and contracting COVID-19 seems to be minimal.

But players are intimating that the games won’t be the same, especially playing without their fans cheering, and the main effect could be a home-field advantage. Mostly teams feed on crowd noise while in the pitch for encouragement and motivation.

For instance, The Las Vegas Raiders are likely to play in their brand-new Allegiant Stadium without fans’ benefit in attendance. And other states might allow limited capacity.

Due to taking precautions to curb the virus’s spread, both clubs announced this summer that the fans wouldn’t be allowed to attend training camp practices.

On Tuesday, rookies will report to the training camps while quarterbacks and injured players will follow on Thursday, with the rest of the team joining them next Tuesday, July 28th.

Currently, the NFL and NFLPA are locked up in talks as the plans to play two preseason games might assuredly go down to one or even none. But most importantly, let’s stay safe by wearing a mask, keep distance, and sanitize our hands whenever we are going out.

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