UK Prime Minster reluctant to reapply the national lockdown

UK Prime Minster reluctant to reapply the national lockdown

Amid the current world pandemic, which cannot yet be cured or vaccinated, the countries of the world are now witnessing the after-effect of a long period of lockdown after others have returned to normal.

The United Kingdom, which has recorded over 294,066 cases and 45,273 deaths so far, according to the worldometer, was one of the nations to impose national lockdowns to curb the spread of this highly contagious virus that has killed over 605,614 worldwide.

Although the move was effective enough, though not to bring new infections rates to zero, it also had some effects. It left many activities stopped, including business, sports, schools, and travel. This has led to record-breaking unemployment rates, not only in the UK but also in other countries like the US.

Over the past few weeks, we have seen countries take various steps to open up closed economies, including the UK itself.

Now that some businesses and activities in the UK have resumed, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that he will not be ready to impose a national lockdown again.

He said he would only impose another national lockdown if this was the last resort and was no other alternative.

The prime minister, who was optimistic that Britain would return to normal by Christmas, insisted that the country be better able to deal with the virus. However, there were concerns about the second infection wave in winter.

The UK, one of the country’s worst affected by a virus not only in Europe but worldwide, has had some positive results.

Mr. Johnson is desperately keen to repair the economy that has suffered in the long months of lockdown, and he said he would not re-impose such a measure unless it was the main way out.

While responding to Daily Telegraph in a comprehensive interview which was to mark the end of his first year on Downing Street, the prime minister said he could no longer give up this tool to quit nuclear deterrence.

He added that it was like a nuclear deterrent, that he certainly didn’t want to use it, and thought he would be in that position again.

The British prime minister insisted that health authorities could better identify and isolate the disease locally while learning more about who was most affected and how it spread.

On Friday, the Prime Minister drafted a plan to ease the remaining lockdown measures in England, including lifting home working and reopening sports stadiums and live theater.

Currently, the government has advised employees to work from home wherever they can, but with a new proposal, employees have more discretion to urge employees to return.

Although Mr. Johnson is optimistic and wants his country to return to normal, his chief medical officer, Chris Witty said on Friday that social distancing is still necessary and should continue for a long time.

Patrick Vallance, the government’s primary scientific advisor, agreed and rated the risk of a second wave of infection as high.

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