The NFL is adamant about having teams report for training camps as scheduled

The NFL is adamant about having teams report for training camps as scheduled

We are in unfamiliar times with the new norm of day to day being to wear a mask every time, keeping a distance from one another whenever you go out and sanitizing our hands multiple times in a day. All this is a way to curb the spread of coronavirus, which is said to be airborne, and takes approximately 8 hours for the virus to die on the surface.

We are witnessing mass graveyards of people succumbed to COVID-19 leading to their death, and the W.H.O. declared the virus as the one number enemy to people’s lives. The virus is considered one of the deadliest in our modern times, having a large scare of deaths, infections rates keep on sky rocking due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the outbreak, the world of professional sport was immensely disrupted, particularly the NFL league, which has been coming up with contingency plans to keep the 2020 season going.

As the opening of training camp approaches on July 28 as scheduled, frustrations linger among many NFL teams and players. However, the league’s team owners continue to reiterate their commitment to keeping the season on track.

But the NFL Players Association seems to be on different sides, especially on certain fundamental issues to play a season during the COVID-19 pandemic. The NFL sent an email to the 32 NFL teams confirming camp reporting dates in their home markets.

The NFL executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent on Saturday elaborated on the reporting dates. The teams will have to stick to the earlier announcement in June when the teams were instructed that they would hold camps at their home facilities due to coronavirus rather than traveling to camp.

On Thursday, September 10, the season is expected to kick off with the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs rookies scheduled to embrace the 2020 season’s start. Both teams are expected to report to the camp on Monday while the other teams’ rookies will report on Tuesday. The injured players and quarterbacks are expected to report to training camps on Thursday while all the players are to be in camp in camp by July 28.

Only 20 players would be allowed in the facilities at a go because the NFLPA hasn’t signed off on infectious disease emergency response plans for each club. Still, the N.F.L. and NFLPA are locked up in discussions on safety protocols amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how testing should be carried out.

It is the main reason why there is much dismay and confusion after the N.F.L. pushed the opening of camp despite ongoing talks, which still haven’t been clarified on how often players will be tested for the virus. And the more worrying issue is that none of the teams have submitted a valid infectious disease emergency response plan.

We hope all will be well as the season kicks-off amid COVID-19 pandemic. And that the virus won’t surge in the league.

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