Trump replaces his campaign manager ahead of coming general election

Trump replaces his campaign manager ahead of coming general election

The 59th US presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. while it isn’t that far with only four months before the scoreboard, likely candidates are speeding up their election campaigns.

US President Donald Trump, who is also a candidate for the upcoming general election, has replaced his campaign manager amid what has been labeled a tough re-election campaign.

According to opinion polls, Mr. president is trailing Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger.

Brad Parscale, his former campaign manager, was replaced by Bill Stepien, who was Trump’s field director for his 2016 campaign.

Although Mr. Trump’s inner circle held Mr. Pascale responsible for a poorly attended rally in Oklahoma at one time, he will remain in a position as a senior advisor.

In a statement that Trump himself posted on Facebook on Wednesday, it says that Brad Parscale, who has been with Mr. President for a long time and is responsible for setting enormous digital and data strategies, will remain in this role while he is promoted to a leading advisory role in the re-election campaign.

Following the flopping of president’s comeback rally in Tulsa, Mr. Parscale has been found himself sidelined in recent weeks.

Mr. Parscale has also been accused by Mr. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his husband Jared Kushner, who are both White House advisors.

But it was difficult for Mr. Parscale to avoid the guilt, who earlier boasted that more than 1 million people had signed up to attend the rally and only about 6,000 showed up in the arena.

Even though he went on Twitter and accused a blocked security gate, demonstrators and the media, it remained the turnout was disappointing for Mr. President who seeking his re-election.

While playing a role as Trump’s campaign strategist, the 44-year-old has generated lucrative earnings. This became clear when it was last reported that he bought a $ 2.4 waterfront mansion in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mr. Parscale was appointed Trump Campaign Manager in February 2018 after serving as a platform warmer before Mr. Trump amid the rallies.

The news reported that Mr. Parscale did not even vote in the 2016 elections because he had difficulty receiving a postal ballot while working at Trump Tower in New York City.

Mr. Parscale was the fourth campaign manager for Mr. Trump after Lewandowski, Paul Manafort and Kellyanne Conway.

And his successor, Mr. Stepein, was a former adjutant to ex-New Jersey Chris Christie.

 Mr. Trump has often referred to himself as his own campaign manager, and his political work, overseen by Jared Kushner, his son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, who has been tailored to his wishes.

These changes to the campaign had been agreed in the past two days, and were to be announced at a staff meeting on Thursday at 10 a.m. But the word of the move reached the reporters on Wednesday evening.

Even, Mr. Parscale is said to have been surprised and found out about them shortly before their release.

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