Washington’s NFL team drops controversial “Redskins” name officially

Washington’s NFL team drops controversial “Redskins” name officially

In 2013, Daniel Snyder emphasized he wouldn’t change the name “Redskins” for whatsoever reason, mockingly saying you can print it all on caps I am never changing the name. Funny how tables turn, just after seven years, since his remarks the club has decided to retire the name.

The announcement didn’t come as a surprise to many though weird without a new name following amid mounting pressure from several sponsors, including Amazon, Nike who respectively removed all of the team’s merchandise from their online stores.

But the biggest sponsor FedEx, who have the naming rights to the team’s stadium was the first to call on the team re-examine the Washington name siting failure to do so it would pull out its financial support.

This came after weeks of protests denouncing racism across the globe following the gruesome death of George Floyd in the custody of police officers in Minnesota back in May. And as the country continues to confront systems of oppression more directly in recent weeks.

Its all smile following the team announcement on Monday that the franchise will change the 87-year-old team name Redskins and logo. Especially, for the National Congress of American Indians who couldn’t hide their gratitude and congratulating the NFL team for retiring the brand, which disrespected, demeaned, and stereotyped all native people. And they were quick to request other teams to follow suit to eliminate caricatures.

The change is going to add sweeping moves surrounding the franchise, including the removal of a memorial of Marshall outside RKF Stadium. The previous owner and founder of the franchise were considered an ardent critic of desegregation in America, following his many statements over the last century.

Marshall statue was vandalized last month which led to the removal of it from the stadium grounds. And also, his name will be removed from the Ring of Fame, a level of the stadium that shows contributions made by certain individuals to the team history.

Due to pressure from the federal government, he agreed to sign a Black player making him the last NFL owner in doing so at the time. And he named the team Redskins, which he considered a nod to bravery.

Despite harsh remarks from current team owner Snyder over the years, his latest actions and accepting the change of the name have led to the pouring of applauds from many people, organizations, and politicians.

Though the NFL and the team could pay tens of millions of dollars to buy back old merchandise the long-time benefits are more lucrative with a new stadium naming rights deal and other corporate sponsorships.

Ironically, he is seen as the one in wiping the slate clean, and enabling the franchise in new heights and moving it to a new stadium in D.C. Something which Snyder wants to do before his current lease at FedEx Field expires in 2017.

Truly, it feels amazing to be part of the history as NFL Washington drops the name Redskin.

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