US Christian groups challenge Trump over the removal of foreign students

US Christian groups challenge Trump over the removal of foreign students

US President Donald Trump and his administration, who passed a policy that if classes are online then all foreign students will be required to transfer or leave the country, has been asked by Cristian groups in the US to reconsider their decisions.

Amid the current pandemic, which has killed over 567,000 people worldwide, many activities have ceased, but others are resuming.

In the United States, schools and learning facilities were closed with over 3 million reported cases and 137,000 deaths due to fear of the spread of the coronavirus.

While there are plans to resume learning, but online, the Trump administration has announced it will withdraw visas from all foreign students.

The Christian groups viewed the move as a lack of American business. Through their various leaders, they have asked Trump’s government to rethink that policy which requires all international students in the country to return home or leave the country if their facilities choose to teach through online.

In their letter to the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf, they said that the move robbed the country of the significant contribution that international students make at their universities on a personal and economic level. It said compassion is lacking and violates the principles of belief.

The letter also recommended that all foreign scholars who are already in the country and are enrolled in degree programs may complete their degree programs without further interruption. They added that this was reasonable, compassionate, and in line with national interests.

Signatories included Shirley Hoogstra, President of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Freedom Commission, Russel Moore, and Walter Kim, President of the National Association of Evangelical.

Other signatories to Friday’s letter are the international student ministry in Cru executive director, initially well-known by the name Campus Crusade for Christ; the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship president; and the World Relief, a Christian humanitarian group’s president.

On Monday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Service announced that more than 1 million foreign students in the country were allowed to take all of their courses online this semester.

The agency informed the learning institutions that foreign students will not be issued a new visa if they work fully online this semester and those who are already in the country have to transfer or leave the country.

Even if the pandemic requests such a move from institutions that lectures be conducted through online, the policy prohibits overseas students from attending all of their classes online.

The policy has attracted backlashes from universities and education groups, with others saying that it needlessly puts student’s safety at risk.

Several universities in the United States have relied on earnings from overseas students who typically pay higher tuition fees, and they have vowed to sue against the policy. One of the institutions that already confirmed they will move to block the policy includes the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University.

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