Trump criticized after commuting his ex-advisor’s prison sentence

Trump criticized after commuting his ex-advisor’s prison sentence

The US president, Mr. Donald Trump have been criticized over commuting Roger Stone his ex-advisors jail term.

Joe Biden, a presidential candidate for the upcoming general election, through his spokesman, accused Mr. Trump for abusing power and devastating US values.

The spokesman, Bill Russo, said Mr. President cannot be ashamed and only stopped at the ballot box. He said the president misused his powers again by releasing the commutation on a Friday night, hoping to avoid control again, by wasting the norms and values ​​that make the US a shining beacon for the rest of the world.

Roger Stone, who was sentenced for lying to Congress, obstruction and witness tampering, was spared the apology even after the court refused his request to postpone the start of his 40-month prison term.

And he is now the sixth person in Trump’s government that has been found a quilt on the Department of Justice investigation that claims Russia has tried to boost the Trump 2016 campaign.

The 67-year-old, who was close friends with Trump, had to report to a federal prison in Jessup, Georgia, next Tuesday.

According to the White House, the stone is a victim of an effort by rivals to undermine the presidency.

For the US president, however, he was accused of undermining the judicial system by criticizing criminal cases against Stones and his other former aides.

The president has also publicly complained about the persecution of former White House national security advisor Michael Flynn and former campaign president Paul Manafort.

Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House of Representatives, also condemned Mr. Trump’s mercy.

The top democratic lawmaker said that with this transformation, the president is making it clear that there are two judicial systems in America, one for everyone else and one for his criminal friends.

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic Senator, said she showed Donald Trump was the most corrupt president in history.

On the other hand, Rudy Giuliani, the president’s lawyer, welcomed the news that the verdict against Roger Stones was draconian. And Stone himself spoke to reporters that under the commutation conditions, he could now appeal his verdict and was confident that he could uncover an enormous amount of corruption in his process.

The White House statement states that Roger Stone is a victim of the Russian prank that has been immortalized in the media to undermine Trump’s re-election.

It was said that the Justice Department’s Prosecutor’s Office, under social counsel, accused Robert Mueller of frustration only after failing to prove the fantasy that the Trump campaign had worked with the Kremlin.

The White House also suggested that the FBI have informed CNN of their crackdown on Stone’s house before dawn, and found that a cable network camera team was on-site to record the arrest.

The stamen said that Rodger has already suffered a lot and was treated very unfairly, like many others in this case. But now he’s a free man.

Mr. Trump had been pointing out a delay for Stone for months, which became clear Thursday evening when he was interviewed by the Fox News presenter.

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